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January 1970

This is a great place to work if you want to have an influential role in a young fast growing startup. But like many startups, it falls short of creating a level playing field for women because it lacks a performance review process. Perceptions of job performance can be subjective and based on favoritism. There is no diversity awareness training because "we don't have the resources" and I worry that bias goes unchecked. Also, many of the management team are first-time managers and make leadership mistakes accordingly. As a technology company, there are few women which can feel isolating for the existing women at the company. In part, this is because the majority of our employees come through referrals and people refer their male friends. On the plus side, the culture is laid back and fun. The departments are tight-knit and the mentality is "we're all in this together." The company is also accommodating for personal and family emergencies. In most roles, if you need to leave early to pick your kids up from school it's no problem (our CEO often does with his kids). You can also work from home whenever you want and so long as you get your work done, no one cares. The exception to this is roles in customer service since you do have to be in the office to answer support calls during set business hours. There is room for growth in entry level positions but not really for mid-career positions. This is partly due to the small size and early nature of the company. As the company grows, I hope that changes but I'm concerned that unconscious bias could make it harder for women to rise in the ranks as positions open up. With the exception of the CFO, all management is male and have stay at home wives. I think this contributes to underlying beliefs that women will be less committed to their jobs when they have kids.

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    We just surpassed 50 employees so now FMLA kicks in for maternity leave. But this is still unpaid.

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