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January 1970

I was treated very poorly. I always show up to work with a smile and upbeat, it has always been as asset of mine. But here I was treated with skepticism because of it and told by managers and the owner that, according to them, I am probably "on something." Because I seemed too happy. It was shocking. The times I made a mistake, which is normal to get things wrong at times, instead of showing me the "right" way, they would instead use it as an opportunity to put me down and question my experience altogether, and condescendingly say, "have you ever had any fine dining experience?" I am very well traveled, I am very educated, I mingle with and have worked with the elite of the elite, seamlessly. But they would take any opportunity to re-paint reality and put me down and take a jab at me. It is a very dysfunctional atmosphere. I think they purposely wanted me to feel lackluster. I lasted two months and I quit.

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    Managers in this company stand to gain personally and financially from their position. Rather than have limits of power and held to standards that would encourage equitable work distribution and fair employee treatment. It is a toxic work environment.

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