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January 1970

I greatly enjoyed my time at Ticketmaster, and only left for a one-in-a-million opportunity that did offer higher pay. Some huge highlights: On my first day with the company, I had a fabulous, kind and very knowledgeable buddy, a woman, that showed me around the company and introduced me to my new team mates. My boss, a man, flew into our site to meet me personally and begin my job training. Even more critically, I learned that there was a tops down initiative to ensure each employee felt as if they were growing at the company, and so I had monthly goal planning and growth meetings with my manager where we set short-term goals and discussed progress to long-term goals. This was incredibly helpful for me, and kept me motivated, engaged, and I could see myself growing with the company. Also very helpful: Many of the people I considered role models, leaders that I trusted at all levels in the organization, were women. I never felt as if I was being treated differently because I was a woman, or that there was any limit to what I could do at the company. I also felt as if my opinion counted, which is huge. All in all, I'd have no qualms about returning to Ticketmaster, since it was one of the best work experiences I have ever had.

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