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Employee Reviews
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"I went to work there for someone knowing this would be short term & they had tremendous challenges in this department.Our department was mainly women who do not support each other, sandbagged each other, stole credit for others work, used bad management practices, contradicted HR policy & generally make this department unpleasant. The individual in charge of the department pits people against each other. Young librarians come in, get experience for a year or so and then move on. Not all departments are like this but it is incredibly difficult to gain credibility with anyone in the general organization when you give a differing opinion from the department head. I would only recommend this department unless no other job materializes. I would be careful in the general organization. State benefits are better then average benefits & am aware of individuals staying in demoralizing jobs because they cannot afford to lose the benefits. Unfortunately because of budget constraints most of the jobs that are newly created are part-time. In this department there is only one degree, MLS, that is given any credibility or weight. It is a community college setting. The benefits are the only positive that I can give at this point. Benefits are only available for full-time employees."
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