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"I've worked here for over 5 years. I think most would agree that work/life balance is encouraged and respected for all regardless of gender or sexual preference (parental leave is for all parents). PTO benefits are excellent and have gotten me through periods when fundraising goals aren't met and raises are minimal, non-existent, or we take a hit. The work week is 37.5 hours; I've never felt pressured to put in late hours. Few would notice if you did since if you're exempt it's assumed you are self-managing your time to get your work done. In the last few years flex-time and work-at-home options have been introduced for most positions. There are minimal paths to promotion and turnover is high (including multiple layoffs). If you can manage the drawbacks mentioned, it is a great place to gain respected non-profit and professional fundraising experience and still have a life outside of work. There is flexibility to take on new projects and keep one's work varied and interesting. The female CEO is widely admired (both in and outside the organization). The volunteer leadership is impressive and appreciative of staff. The current and last two chairs of the board are recognized businesswomen (one is now in the Obama administration)."
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