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"Most women that work in attractions have actually opted out of having kids due to having no time apart from the job. The leave is only 6 weeks long and after that you must use the small vacation time that is given. Depending on your tenure in management 2 weeks of vacation is all you get for the first 3 years. This department specifically is very male dominated and the only movement typically seen is for men (which is ironic because there are 2 women who are assistant directors but their opinion is ever so swayed by the director who is in fact a man). Pay wise there is a difference between starting women and men. From what I uncovered it is about a $3,000 difference. This was compared with 2 people who started at the same time with similar background history. Other departments are far better for everyone and the treatment of women. I would not recommend attractions management however."
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"Of course expect to be paid lower than men (true life) and the working conditions were awful just for anybody in general. Management is very male driven and seeing men have fun with some of there employees is of course a norm as well. The company has better opportunities elsewhere just not in attractions."
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