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"Open gender discrimination is not punished. One supervisor has asked me if/when I plan to have children. The same supervisor has openly admitted to gender based pay discrimination. Another woman in my department has asked what she could do for a raise on a few occasions. On one occasion, he told her, "You make plenty for a woman in [location]." On another occasion, he said, "You'll get remarried soon enough so your pay won't matter." Other discrimination is sneakier. A female coworker and I had been at the company a similar length of time, with similar responsibilities. When she left the company, our hourly pay was nearly the same (no more than ten cents difference). Her male replacement (who had less experience than both of us) was offered nearly a dollar more than I was being paid, 2.5 years into my time with the company. I've heard endless horror stories through the company whisper network. One woman was basically doing a job already but the position hadn't been officially created. She helped write the job description and it was all but promised to her, then a man with no experience in that area was given the position. He had, in his time in a different area of the company, a history of discriminatory hiring practices. He would outright ask women he was interviewing about family status and go as far as to say, "Why would I hire a mother of young children for this job when there are men not responsible for children who could do it?" Female turnover in his area was extremely high. "
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