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January 1970

My prior job was at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman and Dicker, a national law firm, where I worked for 2 years. Even though lip service was given to diversity, there are currently 7 women attorneys and 25 men attorneys in the office in a western U.S. city where I worked. The culture was male dominated, with all of the subtle and not so subtle characteristics that come with a traditional caste system. The office where I worked was originally formed by the merger of a male partner from one firm, along with his lackeys, and a male partner who left another firm, taking a large book of business and male and associates who were elevated to partner level at the new merged firm. During my time there, the heads of the two seminal groups were always at odds. After I left, one of the two original founding partners of the office was ousted. He is the partner who had hired me. He was replaced by a female partner, so things may have improved for the women lawyers, but I doubt it. During my tenure, the most powerful equity partner, who had not hired me, was a total bully who lacked communication skills. Other male attorneys cow-towed to him even while he was publicly mistreating female associates. The bully partner did not hesitate to berate female associates in public emails. Overall, there was a lack of leadership in the office. The firm has a 401K but no matching. About 180 hours billable per month were required, which is not terribly high but not as low as at some firms where I have worked. Overall, from a female perspective, the experience was a nightmare. I cannot speak for the male attorneys there.

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    Maybe. I would recommend this company only if you never plan to have children or if so, if your spouse will take over the lion's share of home responsibilities.

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