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January 1970

While I don't feel that this is the culture at Exxon (and we won't be in Fort Worth for much longer), XTO still works on the "good ol' boy" system. I am a married woman who doesn't want children, and I am viewed as cold and less "womanly" by other women. Male managers (not my current manager - I will say he is a good one) still, in 2017, make snide remarks about how they don't believe I don't want children (actually just none of their business, but if it involves potential maternity leave, they think it is). I am darned if I do and darned if I don't. The women who have seen success at XTO are those who already have children.

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    Maybe. I don't believe the pay gap is anywhere near as wide as it was before we were purchased by Exxon. Before that, it was well beyond the 70-something percent that you always hear quoted. Now, it still might not be as bad as the rest of the O&G industry, but it very much still exists, and it is most obvious when men are promoted above women when women perform better. They have a few women that they have picked to be in the spotlight, and that's wonderful. But for the general female population here, we are still lagging behind.

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