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January 1970

The same thing I shared in my previous statement. I think that speaks volumes.

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    What I did not know prior to working for Yankee Candle, which was not mentioned to me until my second week of employment is that they have a no room for discussion, 1 minute late policy. If you are more than one minute late three times you will lose your job. 1 MINUTE PEOPLE!!!! I worked at a location where I was about 20 years older than the rest of the staff who were all from the local College. The problem with this is you have 20 yr olds trying to manage an older mature person and it seems they aren't mentally capable of doing so no matter how grown they may seem. As a parent of 3 twenty-something year olds I feel my children are very mature, yet not one of them is mature enough to be a manager of an entire Yankee store. The other thing that angered me beyond belief is they hired people knowing they didn't have a car and relied on public transportation. Then when something goes wrong and the MTA train doesn't get there within that one minute late policy, they fire the people knowing full well they rely on public transportation whose timing is certainly beyond their control. My first week being employed there a 21 year old single mother was fired after she sprinted from the light rail running at full pace toward the store and the manager didn't like her and was watching from the window praying she would be late so she could fire her. She actually relished the idea which in my opinion is sickening. As a person who was a single mother for 15 years of my life I quit that day and will not reapply. This is a very sad situation as I love the company itself and all of their products. What's worse is the district manager is only about 4 years older than the store manager and they sat there and laughed about this girl getting fired. They planned this out the day prior knowing if she was late they were firing her. I heard their entire conversation. So the next day, after she got a babysitter, took the time to get ready & come in to work, they let her go right there on the spot. I've never seen such a thing in my life.

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    Management seems to want the younger, college aged employees front & center. Older people have put applications in just to have them stuck on the bottom of the pile. Also, anyone who isn't "in the clique w/ Mgmt." is quickly disregarded, their concerns go unheard & are definitely unheeded.

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