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Company reniging on maternity leave payout structure - California

Hello, my company pays 100% of my maternity for 12 weeks. Initially I was told the process is for me to submit my state pay stubs at whatever frequency I'd like and my company would pay the difference to ensure I received 100% of my income. Last week I casually sent my HR department a note and they told me they can no longer honor that policy and won't pay the 100% until I return from maternity leave. Is there any laws to protect me in this situation? It's creating both stress and financial hardships.

Fairygodboss member Cristin_Hazel

  • Fairygodboss member

    I'm so sorry you are going through this! You deserve the time to bond with your new baby, not worry about money and how your employer is managing your paychecks. If there are > 50 employees, your employer is required to fulfill certain CA laws. If you are in San Francisco and have been at your employer for more than 6 or 12 months, I'm pretty sure they do have to make sure you receive 100% pay

  • Fairygodboss member

    Are you saying that that they first said they would honor any discrepancy between state disability payments and your salary but now will not until your return to work? Unfortuantely since there's no law saying your employer has to pay for any part of your maternity leave, this is probably totally legal. However, if someone told you they would do something differently they may feel badly if you complain about how financially difficult this makes things for you - do you have that original agreement in writing, for example?

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Good morning! I am 9 weeks pregnant and stressed about telling work. Its primarily male bosses so I know they wont understand and I have the type of job that is revenue based and the work increases every day. I don't know when to tell, I know we do not have materinity leave pay, so I will have to get it through the state. I also know when I tell them they will ask what my plan is. I have no idea what my plan is! I mean I know for what my plan is. Through short term disability through the state I can get 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after but do I want all that before? Please any advice is helpful, I'm very stressed out! Also, I am going away on a preplanned vacation April 1-10. Do I tell before I go or when I get back?

I was on maternity leave when Grace Hopper Conference tickets became available unfortunately. I promised my team (two other women) that we would go but am having trouble finding an "in." Does anyone know of anyone who has extra tickets? If not, do you know any other routes I could go to get some?

Any advice regarding age bias? There is a lot of information about diversity and inclusion but not about age discrimination. I'm actually looking for new opportunity and I have the theory that the reason I have been rejected is age. PS I have doctorate degree and over 20 years of experience.

Good morning! I am seriously stressing about tell my work I am pregnant. Right now I am 9 weeks and 3 days. I work in a very competitive industry (recruiting) just got promoted to Assistant Manager this year and the bosses are mostly men. Its a small business so you would think its family friendly but its not so much. I take on a huge work load and I know it will be upsetting to them (As happy as I am) I know there is nothing they can do legally but I am still scared. I am 38 years old, this is my first, have been at this small company for 8 years. Hard worker for sure so this will be unexpected. I know they do not have maternity leave here so we follow what the state offers. We get short term disability in New Jersey ( 4 weeks before, 6 after) and then I think we can take 6 weeks of FMLA. Now I know once I tell them they do ask what my plan is. I honestly have no idea what my plan is!! Do I need the 4 weeks before? After how long! Also, I am going on a preplanned vacation April 1-10, do I tell them when I get back or before I leave? Thank you in advance for ANY help, advice, I am quite stressed out!

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