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Recruiter's Opinion

I'm a recruiter for the largest staffing and recruiting firm in the country. I'm seeing a lot of people on this thread who are extremely stressed out about finding work, and I think you guys need to start seriously considering working with recruiters to find jobs. NOT ALL RECRUITERS ARE EQUAL! I work for Aerotek, where we value your goals, skills, and interests and we find you a "perfect fit": the job that actually utilizes your experience and abilities. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are looking for work in the Portland, OR metro area. I can be reached via this thread, and, if you're seriously interested, please let me know and I will share my email.

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    I value your contribution, for me and it shows up for a significant number of the blurbs, selection representatives would prefer not to be pestered. I've connected with scouts, constantly proficient and friendly, they just either quit reacting or overlook me by and large. https://www.australianassignmentshelp.com/

  • Fairygodboss member

    Dear Anonymous,
    Do you work with candidates outside the Portland area or connected with like - minded professionals in the New York City terrain?
    I'd welcome connecting and working with you.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I appreciate your input, for me and it appears for many of the posters, recruiters don't want to be bothered. I've reached out to recruiters, always professional and congenial, they just either stop responding or ignore me altogether. I've been at this for years. Companies perceive millennials as the only golden ticket and they are only hiring their generation.

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Are there any accountants on here who work 100% remote from home? I'm a CPA with 8+ years of experience split between public accounting and private industry. I recently had my first baby and would love to transition into a new position where I can work 100% remote from my home office. This is not an option at my current employer. I've been scouring the interwebs for months now with no luck - but I know that many employers won't list a position as remote even though it would be an option for the right candidate. Anyone have a gig like this? Help a mama out!

Being pregnant before being eligible for maternity leave, how will that work? I’m concerned about what will happen once I disclose this information to my boss. This is my first time being pregnant before reaching 1 year at any employer I’ve worked at. Advice is much appreciated!!

I am considering a move to a new company and their maternity policy states that employees receive 3 months fully paid. It does not specify a minimum length of time one must be employed with the company to receive this benefit. Am I then legally protected to receive this benefit if I end up becoming pregnant within the first year of employment? Or must I clarify now (before deciding to accept the job) that I will receive this benefit regardless of my length of employment? I am nervous to be unhappily surprised down the road but also skeptical about bringing up this clarifying question now considering I am not currently pregnant. Would very much appreciate thoughts/help on this topic!

As part of a re-org, I was moved under a new manager and reported to him for slightly more than a year. Prior to this, I've consistently received positive feedback and have steadily been promoted (I've worked for the same company for 13 years). The one mid-year review I had under this manager was totally vague, but negatively toned. I explained I was surprised by the results and asked what I could do to address it. We worked together for the next five months documenting business cases, putting together a small novel of metrics, and crafting a new operating model for the team. None of these items had been previously discussed and also weren't stated in my annual objectives, but I worked 60-70 hours a week during this time to accomplish this without dropping the ball with any of my other duties. I was completely shocked to receive the EXACT same review at year-end. He added one sentence at the beginning and one at the end, otherwise it was verbatim. He delivered it in a manner that sounded positive (he didn't read it to me, it was casual convo) so I didn't realize it was the same until a week later when I saw it in the system. When I questioned it, he said we had "butted heads for some time", but didn't provide any tangible feedback. We continued to work through the strategic details for the next few months when I was blindsided that he decided to change my title. I had been head manager of a team for the past four years when I was told I was no longer the manager, I would instead be an analyst. He was going to post a position for a grade level above me that "I was not eligible to apply for". He "wanted someone from the outside". According to him, the good news was that I got to keep my salary and my grade level. The extra frustrating part is that for my one year reporting to him, I expressed the need to hire someone two grades lower to perform my new duties and wasn't permitted to do so. I have been requesting feedback from my interim manager for the past three months and to date, have received nothing. The rationale I was given the day the news was delivered was that I was too slow to implement change. Two weeks ago he announced the new manager and she was someone who already reported to him. The day he delivered the news he sent an appointment to the team. I was working remotely (he had this appt. on his calendar) and I responded that if he added a dial-in, I'd call in. The request was ignored and no manager bothered to tell me for the next two days. I've been a manager for 8+ years and have no idea why those responsibilities have been revoked. This new role is not challenging nor does it provide me with room for growth. The only thing that's clear to me is that I don't have a future on this team, despite all of my successes and accomplishments. I have been actively pursuing opportunities within the firm and externally, but it's been a slow process. Since I'd ideally like to stay with this firm, I'm hesitant to go to HR. I'm afraid it will hurt my chances during the interview process and/or it will go on my permanent record that I'm a problem employee. I've also heard rumors that HR will just side with management, but don't know if that's true. At the end of the day, I really want to know why he was allowed to make the changes he did, without offering me any feedback or give me time to improve in areas he felt I was falling short (but couldn't specifically communicate)? I feel embarrassed and disrespected, and also afraid I'm going to lose my job (but that last part might just be in my head). Any advice would be helpful!!

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