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Should I change my name?

I'm at a relatively senior level in my career, and I'm getting married. I'd like to change my name...but I'm concerned about how it could affect my "brand." First of all, people inside my company and out already know me by my maiden name...But also, will it affect my career prospects and make it seem like I am too focused on marriage?

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    And this is exactly why I didn’t change my name, after both marriages. I have a professional and personal identity; why should I take someone else’s surname? Smacks of being my spouse’s possession.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I know some senior woman who changed their name and had no issue, but also quite a few who double barreled their name at least for a time. I'm personally doing the double barreling thing, though sometimes my "original name" gets dropped in written correspondence since my email is just my 2nd last name. Looking to academia, the woman I know in that field who married after being published mostly didn't change their name but some still did. It's whatever you think will work best for you!

  • Fairygodboss member

    There is an easy answer to this. Change your name and redo your business cards and signature blocks after the wedding presenting your maiden name as a middle name. You can do it forever or until you feel the time is right. PS. Treasure your marriage and your spouse! Wishing you all the best!

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Hello all, A year ago, I moved to a new state with my family. I struggled to find work for the first three months after moving until I found a position as a marketing assistant/listing coordinator at a local real estate company. Unfortunately, the owner of the company decided to sell it and I was laid off after just one month of working there. I struggled again to find work for another five months after that before I found a job at a print shop as a graphic designer (I earned my BFA in graphic design a little over two years ago). In all honesty, I can say that I do not enjoy doing graphic design where I currently work, and I think I would rather it be more of a hobby and less of something that I do full-time professionally. I went to school thinking this would be a good option for me, but I quickly found out after graduating that it's just not what I thought it would be. I worked as an administrative assistant for three years while I went to school, and I've found that I really enjoy having more responsibility like that. I enjoy helping others, working with clients, and providing general support. After college, I worked as an office and account manager for a small start-up company where I assisted clients, handled billing, and provided general administrative support to the CEO, sales team, and software development team for two years before moving. I recently applied for a job as an administrative assistant at another local real estate company, and I have an introductory phone interview tomorrow. From reading the job description, I know I would really love having the job. I really wanted my previous real estate job to be something that would be long- lasting and I'm looking for something similar. I became more interested in real estate and received a limited amount of real-estate specific training too. I'm nervous about my interview for several reasons, and I am seeking advice and answers to some of my interview-related questions: 1. I've had job interviews for office manager/administrative assistant positions recently, and the employers have all expressed concern that I will leave the position very shortly after being hired in order to pursue a career in graphic design. This is frustrating because it seems that nobody will give me a chance because of this. How can I make it clear that I would rather not do graphic design full-time any longer? 2. Should I even tell the interviewer that I'm currently working as a graphic designer where I started my job in October? (when I applied for the administrative assistant job, I left my current position off of my resume) If I do tell the interviewer that I am currently working, what should I tell her if she asks me why I am leaving a position after only working there for four months? 3. My current job as a designer is very boring. I often spend the majority of my day changing names and numbers on pre-designed business cards, not really designing anything. I also cannot give my clients the quality and creativity that I would like to due to time constraints. I really enjoy taking on more administrative duties, such as handling invoices, payments, scheduling, answering questions, preparing documents and reports, and supporting a team. I enjoy multi-tasking and I enjoy the challenges that roles like the one I am interviewing for present. How can I possibly explain these things to my interviewer and really get the point across that I would love to have the position I applied for and would fully intend stay with their company for a very long time? If anyone can give me advice on how to answer some of these questions, I would greatly appreciate it! In addition to the fact that I will enjoy the variety job duties more, the job I am interviewing for will also pay more and will offer more benefits than what I currently make. I really want to stand out and make an impression, and also ease any concerns regarding my past experiences that my interviewer might have. Thank you so much for reading!

Being pregnant before being eligible for maternity leave, how will that work? I’m concerned about what will happen once I disclose this information to my boss. This is my first time being pregnant before reaching 1 year at any employer I’ve worked at. Advice is much appreciated!!

Hi. I have been an Executive Assistant, or some other assistant/operations person for over 30 years. After losing my job of many years due to restructuring, I am looking for a permanent position. I feel as though assistant positions are on the way out, given anecdotal evidence by other assistants as well as executives I've spoken to. Please note that I am in pursuit of my bachelor's, but it is not yet completed. Apparently 30 years of experience doesn't mean anything if I don't have a degree. I've been told that it is recognized that I am intelligent and eager to learn pretty much anything (as well as easy to work with) so do not pigeon-hole myself into going after assistant roles, but I don't know what else I should look into or other keywords to use when searching for positions. Does anyone have any guidance on what kinds of jobs are out there?

I think I'm being mommy-tracked at work and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm two months back from maternity leave and putting in the same hours as I used to but I'm getting these subtle signs that I'm not taken as seriously -- ranging from not being asked about wanting to spearhead things to the stink eye when I walk out the door (at the same time I roughly used to leave the office). What should I do?

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