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Discussion Question

Should I change my name?

I'm at a relatively senior level in my career, and I'm getting married. I'd like to change my name...but I'm concerned about how it could affect my "brand." First of all, people inside my company and out already know me by my maiden name...But also, will it affect my career prospects and make it seem like I am too focused on marriage?

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    Your questions starts - "I'm at a relatively senior level in my career, and I'm getting married. I'd like to change my name... ", you should feel empowered to change your name then. Women should be able to make this choice without worrying about any negative connotations associated with it. Maybe you hyphenate it for a while if you want to get people used to it, it doesn't change who you are and you should always be true to yourself.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I didn’t change my name and use both my maiden name (professionally) and my married name (socially). People I’m close to know me by both names. Not changing your name does not prevent you from using your married name. I am able to cash checks written to my married name by adding an AKA signature.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I’ve known people who change their name outside of their workplace, but continue to go by their maiden name (or both maiden and new last name) at work. After experiencing changing my name, if I could go back in time, I don’t think I would have changed my name started work.

    After changing my name, I expected people would realize who I was, but with how much email communication I was involved with all around the world, it was like needing to re-build my brand with those who didn’t work in my small office. People just didn’t realize it was still me, even though I sent an email out to let everyone know my new name.

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