Aligned & Abundant Artist Entrepreneurs

Where artists, freelancers, and creative professionals rewrite the story of the "starving artist".

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COURTNEY BOREKSarah BorkowskiAdrienne2120Kathleen Puls AndradeRebecaSeitz38 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

Hello and welcome to the Aligned & Abundant Artist Entrepreneurs Community! This is a place where artists, freelancers, and creative professionals learn, share, grow, and rewrite the story of the "starving artist". Inside the community you'll find tips, tools, & discussions around creative life, manifesting, entrepreneurial mindset, and more. As a member you're highly encouraged to start meaningful conversations, make friends, add value to the group however you can, and ...Read more

Group rules

Be kind and courteous. No hate speech, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. Ask questions, make friends, and have fun.
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