Lean In Stamford

This group is for professional women sharing insight and skills in Stamford, CT and the surrounding area.

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Felicia GanthierCabaneStudiosLeena PatelEmily L DerrSusan Graye57 members
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About this group

Women in business accomplish amazing things when we support each other and share what we know. This monthly event is a facilitated discussion and interactive workshop with women across all areas of business. Whether you work for a Fortune 500, manage a small business or you are a business owner, we all need a network of support to share insight, business intelligence and resources. The topics of discussion include getting feedback, creating value, negotiating ...Read more

Group rules

We utilize the guidelines of LeanIn.org: We ask all members to follow our community guidelines: - Share openly and honestly - Foster meaningful and genuine interactions to create a supportive environment - Abstain from inappropriate, vulgar, or abusive language We do not allow the following: - Bullying or harassment - Content that promotes prejudice, violence, or hatred against people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age ...Read more
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