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Mystery Woman
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About this group

This exclusive group is a place for Fairygodboss VIPs to connect, network and share wins and resources. Fairygodboss VIPs are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, HR professionals, career coaches, consultants, and other influential professionals who are verified by Fairygodboss! VIPs are expected to share their advice with the Community weekly. Read more about VIP expectations and opportunities here: How to participate: -If ...Read more

Group rules

Be supportive. Support, inspiration, and recommendations to other connections and resources are welcome here! Be meaningful. We promote adding to the community through meaningful dialogue, content, and resources — ones that provide consistent and enriching experiences for our community members. As a career community for women, we encourage conversations that focus on career-related topics and advice. Be respectful. To respect the rights of people on and off VIPs @ ...Read more
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