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At Bank of America, we’re creating real, meaningful relationships with individuals, businesses and communities to help them focus on what matters most. Every day, we connect with 57 million customers, using our skills and expertise to help make their lives better.

We are committed to attracting and retaining top talent around the world to ensure we continue to deliver together for our customers, clients and communities. Along with taking care of our customers, we want to be a great place for people to work, and we strive to create an environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals.

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Highlights from Bank of America Corporation
  • Bank of America Corporation Deb Ruick

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Bank of America Corporation

    • Name

      Deb Ruick

    • Position

      Managing Director, Merrill Edge

      Phoenix, AZ

    Being able to bring your whole self to work, and to spend each day working towards goals that you’re passionate about, is a pretty special thing. And for me, that’s what Bank of America provides – an opportunity to personally benefit through career and financial growth, but also an opportunity to be part of a community that’s giving back to the areas where we live and serving a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves.

    As a single mom of three children, during my 30s, I was managing my own business and hadn’t truly considered Financial Services. Pursuing an education, however, was my priority, and when a personal finance class sparked an interest in investing, and in how the markets work, my new career path was born.

    Now having worked in the industry for more than 25 years, I am proud that Bank of America is at the forefront of changing the reputation of financial services. Through both word and action, and a prioritization on understanding client needs, Bank of America empowers employees to change clients’ financial lives, and I am privileged to be a part of leading that change.

    As the head of Merrill Edge Client Services, I interface with six call centers that employ over 3000 people across the country. I directly manage entry level customer service functions into Merrill Edge, however, my role as an executive entails so much more. I get to work with a team who drives strategy, influences resources, and charts a course for the company and what our clients will experience in the years ahead. That’s pretty cool!
    Beyond my day job, some of my most important work includes involvement in the company’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts. It’s something I am passionate about and view as much more than monthly attendance at a committee meeting. As an example, I’m currently working on expanding our Pathways program across the United States. This program focuses on partnering with associations in our low- and moderate-income communities and supporting them through mentoring, training, and internships provided to young adults. We’re already seeing the tremendous impacts of the program, not only on those participating but in what these individuals bring to our organization.

    When I’m not at work, I enjoy solitary activities to help me recharge. So, that means you may find me watching a Game of Thrones marathon, working in my yard, hiking, or just enjoying dinner and a glass of wine on the patio of a local restaurant.

  • Bank of America Corporation Shimna Sameer

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Bank of America Corporation

    • Name

      Shimna Sameer

    • Position

      National Merrill Edge Performance Executive

      Boston, MA

    I joined Bank of America in 2005 in Providence, Rhode Island as a Teller Operations Specialist. I made a conscious decision to start in a financial center operations role as I was new to the banking industry and the client care culture in the United States. Since then, I have held various leadership roles within the company, all of which have enabled me to grow as an individual contributor and as a leader. With appropriate training, encouragement and support, I had the opportunity to become a Financial Center Operations Manager and then to lead a number of financial centers as a Financial Center Manager. The investment in my career continued as I was given the opportunity to lead markets as a Market Manager, and eventually to oversee regions as a Region Executive. As my career progressed, I was able to get my securities licenses and transition to a registered role in Merrill Edge. Throughout this journey, I experienced the usual twists and turns in my personal life, and despite having family members living outside the United States who needed my support, I was able to balance my work and family responsibilities, being a mother, wife and daughter while still growing professionally.

    During my 13 year career with Bank of America in multiple roles and geographies, the constant theme has always been that of advocacy and empowerment. Whether as a leader within a financial center, a Region Executive leading teammates in multiple states – New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts – or in my current national role, where I have the opportunity to help build strategy and execution plans for the Merrill Edge Field team, every leader I have worked for and worked with has emphasized these same two principles. Along with the career support and advocacy I have received, I have certainly enjoyed being part of the career journey of many of my own teammates, and their success continues to be nothing short of inspirational. I am so proud to be part of a brand that truly believes in delivering together. And this benefits our clients and teammates because teammates who are invested in and whose diversity is embraced and encouraged bring their true, full selves to deliver for our clients in a truly human way.

    As a leader, it has been an amazing 13 year journey that continues, and I enjoy coming into work every day because I am surrounded by a team that makes excellence intentional and raises the bar for me!!

  • Bank of America Corporation Jenny Baxter

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Bank of America Corporation

    • Name

      Jenny Baxter

    • Position

      Vice President

      Jacksonville, Florida

    Jenny Baxter was not the most likely of candidates to join the Bank of America team when she began working here in 2006. She had been in the medical sales field for more than eight years and didn’t have any banking or mortgage experience, but was looking to make a change.  Jenny’s goal was to work for a company that would afford her opportunities for professional development and career advancement — and when she began exploring opportunities at Bank of America, she knew she’d found an employer that would offer her just that. 

    Jenny attended a job expo where she met with representatives from various Bank of America departments, and she interviewed right on the spot. A few days later, Jenny received an offer for a Bilingual Customer Service role in a Mortgage Contact Center. While Jenny admits that initially she was a bit hesitant, the Bank of America recruiter reassured her that the classroom and on-the-job training would help her hone the skills she’d need to succeed in the role.

    Since joining the company 12 years ago, Jenny has continued taking advantage of opportunities to grow and expand her career. In addition to participating in Bank of America’s On-the-Job Training Coaching Program, Jenny has taken advantage of the Team Manager Certification Program, the Future Leader Program and, most recently, the Women’s Next Level Leadership Program. These programs — which provide education, experience, exposure, networking, mentoring, job shadowing, and many other leadership skills — are designed to offer associates support as they prepare for various role expansion opportunities. Participating in these various programs helped Jenny gain the experience she needed to become a better manager and, more importantly, a well-rounded leader. 

    Jenny says that throughout her career, she’s also been supported by leaders who have encouraged her to take on projects that ultimately prepared her for various career moves and promotions. Jenny has now been able to pay it forward by mentoring others and introducing them to various online development tools and programs to fast-track their careers.

    In 2015, Jenny was given a promotional opportunity. With the support of her leadership team and her family, Jenny relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, where she now works as a vice president and manages a contact center for first and second mortgages and home equity lines of credit. She also participates in various employee networks and community volunteer events.

    While Jenny may not have expected that a career in banking would be the right move for her, she’s never looked back since joining the Bank of America team.

What Women Should Know about Working At Bank of America Corporation
Being a diverse and inclusive company is essential to our ability to drive responsible growth and serve our clients, communities and each other. That’s why we continue to invest every day in helping women make meaningful contributions within our company and in our communities. This includes bringing talented women to our company, developing our female employees and supporting the economic empowerment of women around the world.

Gender diversity statistics

    • Women in workforce
    • 55%
    • Women holding senior management
    • 33%
    • Women directors on board
    • 31%

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Additional information
    • Bank of America’s Employee Networks are bank-supported groups made up of employees who share a common dimension of diversity, along with others who support them. Our Employee Networks form around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, parental status and veteran status. In 2012, through Employee Networks around the world, more than 60,000 employees connected and participated in networking opportunities, mentoring programs, information forums and various volunteer events. Many members also served in leadership roles and led initiatives for recruiting, client development and community partnerships.

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • Flexible Work Arrangements
      You may be able to take advantage of a work arrangement that gives you flexibility in balancing your life and work schedules. Flexible work arrangements are mutually agreed upon by a manager and an employee.
    • Remote working
    • Yes
    • Part-time working
    • Yes
    • Percentage of your workforce that takes advantage of flexible working
    • 39%

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • After working one year for Bank of America, employees can take up to 16 weeks of paid maternity, paternity and adoption leave. Our parental leave gives employees the flexibility to take time when it works for their family, within 12 months after a new child arrives.
    • Paid maternity leave
    • Yes, 16 weeks
    • Paid paternity leave
    • Yes, 16 weeks
    • Adoptive paid leave
    • Yes, 16 weeks

Care-taking benefits

    • Back-up childcare
    • Yes
    • Childcare subsidies
    • Yes

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