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Nationwide is one of America’s most diversified financial services organizations. We’re trusted advisers for our members, offering solutions like home and auto insurance, life insurance, retirement savings tools, business insurance and pet insurance.

We set ourselves apart from other companies by offering a breadth of solutions unmatched in our industry. And how do we accomplish it all? By hiring and retaining associates who are as driven as you.
Highlights from Nationwide
  • Nationwide Laura Lewis

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Nationwide

    • Name

      Laura Lewis

    • Position

      IT Program Manager

      Columbus, Ohio

    Laura Lewis, an IT program manager at Nationwide, is a busy mom of three who wants to make an impact in the community.  Get a glimpse of how her career at Nationwide makes balancing work, family life and volunteering possible: https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/careers-videos-nw-career-laura-lewis-fs.jsp

  • Nationwide Jen Martinez

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Nationwide

    • Name

      Jen Martinez

    • Position

      Associate Vice President of Nationwide Employee Benefits®

      Columbus, Ohio

    Jen Martinez, a U.S. Navy veteran, loves her role as the associate vice president of Nationwide Employee Benefits® because she engineers solutions for our members. Watch her story and find out why she chose Nationwide: https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/careers-videos-nw-career-day-in-the-life-jen-video-fs.jsp

  • Nationwide Crystal Palacio

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Nationwide

    • Name

      Crystal Palacio

    • Position

      Claims Specialist

      Grandview Heights, OH

    As a claims specialist, Crystal Palacio has the opportunity to work on the front lines as the first point of contact for our members. See why these connections matter to Palacio and why she chose Nationwide: https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/careers-videos-careers-video-crystal.jsp

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What Women Should Know about Working At Nationwide
Nationwide is a company of great people doing great things. We care deeply about doing what’s right, and we work hard to make an impact for everyone: our associates, our members, our partners and our communities. We are proof that a very big company can have a very big heart.

At Nationwide, you can have the kind of career you’ve always dreamed of. Here, your hard work is transformed into real results that make a difference in the lives of others. We know, because we see it happen for our associates, and we can see it happening here for you, too.

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • Flextime, telecommuting, mobile offices and compressed workweeks are a few of the many alternative work arrangements we offer. In short, we make every effort to give our associates the flexibility they need to balance their work and personal lives.

      At a leader’s discretion, our associates have the following flexible working options:

      ·      Flex Place: Periodically or occasionally work from home

      ·      Flex Schedule: Work an alternative schedule or hours

      ·      Home: Work 100% from home (only certain positions qualify)

      ·      Roam: Combination of mobile office and work from home

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • Welcoming a new family member is an exciting time. We offer a variety of time off and flexible work options to allow parents time off to bond with and care for their growing family.

      For new moms, this means up to 12 weeks off – paid and unpaid – following the birth of a child. This includes 10 days of parental leave and up to eight weeks of short-term disability, depending on the type of delivery.

      New fathers, domestic partners and adoptive parents also receive 10 days of parental leave in addition to our other paid time off benefits.

      In addition to parental leave, adoptive parents may be eligible to receive up to $6,000 per adopted child per family to help with adoption-related expenses.

Maternity-Related Benefits

    • Other benefits information
    • Expectant parents receive one-on-one counseling with one of our in-house registered nurses through our Maternity Assistance Services program. Our nurse specialists guide expectant mothers through each trimester and provide post-delivery support to ensure they’re taking full advantage of Nationwide’s maternity benefits and resources.

      This includes:

      ·      Registering them for maternity-specific resources

      ·      Explaining enhanced break policies and time-off benefits

      ·      Answering questions about Nationwide’s Lactation Program and facilities

      ·      Providing a baby care kit, nursery safety kit and baby gift

      ·      Supporting parents who experience a miscarriage or infant loss
    • Lactation facilities
    • Yes
    • Phased-in post-maternity return
    • Yes
    • Maternity leave coaching
    • Yes

Care-taking benefits

    • Care-taking benefits information
    • When our associates have an emergency and need backup child care or eldercare, they can count on Bright Horizons, a leading national provider of care for children and adults. Associates can access up to seven days annually at subsidized rates. 

      Associates also receive up to 8 hours of unscheduled and unplanned paid time off for unexpected personal life events – including care-taking. Associates don’t have to use FMLA to take advantage of this benefit, and there is no penalty for taking the time off.

      We also offer up to 10 days of paid emergency leave each calendar year for an unexpected critical and/or life-threatening illness or injury of a family member. This can be used when an associate exhausts their normal paid time off.
    • Back-up childcare
    • Yes
    • Elder-care benefits
    • Yes

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