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We crowdsource Capital One Financial Corporation's maternity, paternity and parental leave policies, based on Capital One Financial Corporation's employee reviews and anonymous tips from Capital One Financial Corporation employees.

Capital One Financial Corporation Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

Capital One Financial Corporation offers 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, 0 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, 12 weeks of paid paternity leave and 8 weeks of unpaid paternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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  • 8 18 40% Consensus 18
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  • 0 0 75% Consensus 4
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  • 2 9 75% Consensus 9
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  • ? Unknown - please leave a tip
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Finance: Diversified Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Finance: Diversified industry offer?

  • Median Average
  • 12 10
  • 6 7
  • 2 4
  • 10 11

Maternity Leaves Taken at Capital One Financial Corporation

  • Lady anon1175 8 weeks paid 8 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Phoenix 8 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady peeler 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon661 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady arak38 12 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • Bosslady33 8 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • fairygodmama 8 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid

Capital One Financial Corporation Maternity Leave Comments

  • "I've worked here for 2 years and there are a lot of women working here, but predominantly in support roles. Generally I believe they are treated fairly but management is male-dominated and not diverse, which makes it tougher for women to "network" with them. Mid-level women don't seem to advance because of these subtle issues. Also, while maternity leave is generous here I think women are judged harshly by some colleagues and managers for taking the full time. This company also plays favoritism to certain individuals." - anon2640
  • "The company strives to be equal but in a work place that is predominantly women you still see 2/3 of the management is men. They've really stepped up their maternity benefits from a mere 8 weeks to 12 all paid. I hope to continue to see more but think that in the present marketplace this is great." - Lady anon661
  • "Great culture around supporting women! Also offers maternity, paternity, same-sex couple, and transgender benefits. " - NPH

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