Have things gotten better, worse, or stayed the same for women at General Electric in the past year?


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February 2017

There's a lot of talk and no action..

May 2017

There is a new initiative focused on encouraging more women to take and maintain roles in technology- essentially acknowledging that this has been an issue in our field and committing to do something about it. Leaders are engaged and processing are beginning to change.

March 2018

There aren't many women where I work. I do not think that anything is different from 12 months ago.

April 2018

There is alot of stress and layoffs occurring at work right now so women are feeling like the work-life balance is unbalanced and they need to be at work all the time proving their worth.

April 2018

The policies were good prior to this year so no change there. There has not been a visible increase in hiring of women to higher level positions. This is the most disappointing thing - there doesn't seem to be a process to increase the number of women at high level positions compared to the men being moved or hired into those positions. There is only some official movement in the hiring of entry level employees being balanced between men and women.

April 2018

Their location strategy which is another way of reducing head count has made it difficult for women to keep their jobs. The options are travel and stay away from your family to keep your job or quit.

April 2018

GE made a big splash for the “balance the equation” campaign but didn’t do anything to retain the women they already have. They cut funding and program management for the 20 yr old women’s network. Sexual harassment terminations happen, but then training and messaging from executive leadership is not swift and tries to make the mostly male population feel safe rather than the women. So, maybe it’s actually gotten worse for women, how do I change my answer...?

April 2018

With the financial struggles GE is having, benefits and career development opportunities are being slashed. As the pool of resources shrinks, it is concentrated on the talent being groomed for leadership roles, which is still mostly middle-aged white men. When the tide was rising, all benefited, but as the ocean dries, it is obvious who is still preferred.

May 2018

Men who are the same level are still paid more. We made a commitment that 20% of our employees would be women by 2020 and then were told it was an aspiration, not a commitment.

May 2018

I've not noticed any changes to practice, culture or policy impacting women. Generally speaking it's already pretty good. Exempt employees receive "unlimited" time off for vacation, personal illness and personal business with manager agreement. We also receive full pay when on FMLA leave and can take up to 10 weeks off for parental leave (i.e. bonding with a newborn). This is in addition to 6 to 8 weeks of disability leave. Younger woman fair better in terms of job advancement over older woman.

May 2018

With 12000 job losses across GE Power in Europe, it feels less supportive all round.

August 2018

The business is under considerable stress and strain with corporate changes and challenges in Aviation. The business is resorting back to an old school type of management. Additionally, we have lost female executives and promotions are mainly men.

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