Have things gotten better, worse, or stayed the same for women at Liberty University in the past year?


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April 2018

I was promoted out from under my awesome female supervisor. Working directly for the ‘man upstairs’ was a nightmare. I survived non communicated expectations, awkward comments about my weight, age and appearance and general patronizing that the men in my cohort (of similar age, size and general appearance) did not. My new position was created based on half of the two functional jobs I was doing. Once I was promoted, I accidentally found out the salary range HR had determined was fair for my position (half of what I had already been doing) had a range that’s lowest end was 18K a year more than I was making. I admitted to my boss I had accidentally seen that and asked if he would explain, and he told me I shouldn’t have seen it and they were just ‘trying me out’ in the position that was created based on the initiative I took in my previous position. That was the beginning of the end, I left 8 months later after 3 1/2 years in that department.

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