20 Creative Resume Templates That'll Catch the Hiring Manager's Eye

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Kayla Heisler
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When it’s time to search for a job, setting yourself apart from the pack is crucial. In today’s digital age, designing a resume that’s both fun and informative is easier than ever before. 

Now, your resume can convey your personality while also showing what you bring to the table professionally. When done correctly, using a creative resume template can elevate your chances of being hired.  

In 2020, it’s important to let your personality shine through your application. Gone are the days of merely typing out your qualifications into a word document. It’s now important to put a great deal of effort into every aspect of design. Not only does what you say matter but the way you present it also matters as well. 

While this may be a no-brainer for those who work in fields that are particularly visually oriented such as graphic design, putting together a creative resume can score an applicant major points in a number of different industries. 

1. Professional & Modern

Each section pops thanks to blocks of dark gray and light peach. Minimal icons lend a modern touch. Whatever position you apply for, this is a great template to reach for to come across as super polished.

2. Red Watercolor Floral 

Feminine and polished, this template uses floral details without being overwhelming. Cranberry headers keep the feel fresh while two distinct columns maintain the template clean and structured.

3. Creative Resume 2

This black-bordered template is crisp and bold. Circular charts help the skills stand out, and the first column emphasizes the timeline of experience.

4. The Vintage Rose

The subtle dusty-rose template clearly defines each section. Simple graphs depict skill levels.

5. Light Colorful Brush Strokes

Bright and colorful, this template makes a major impression. Teal, blue, and melon create a vibrant border, and minimal icons give the resume an updated feel.

6. Blue Pop Bold

This simple straightforward template stands out. Each section is clearly defined with a striking blue header.

7. Primary Teacher

This template is a perfect combination of professionalism and fun. Calming teal is used in the header and for the font color of each subheading, and icons and skills graphics are used.

8. Creative Resume 1

This duotone template is broken into three columns. Bright teal is used for headers, and deep navy is used for body copy. Many icons and charts are used to help display skills and milestones.

9. Info-Pop

Muted teal banners clearly break apart different sections. Orange accents pop against a beige/gray background. 

10. Yellow Creative Graphic Designer

Look on the bright side with this vibrant, yet minimal template. Simple skills and interests graphs provide a visually compelling element while ample white space keeps the text from being crowded.

11. Template Vol-05

This stylish template shows your professional side. The muted grey tone provides a feel that’s understated, yet elegant.

12. The Feminine

 Soft pink boarders this ultra-modern template. A black Objective section adds a touch of edge to an otherwise delicate layout. A space for a headshot is included in the header.

13. Orange Shapes Pattern Creative Resume

An orange chevron pattern gives this a super-fun feel. Two columns are divided by an ample amount of white space.

14. Icon Fun

If you’re just starting out in your career or making a major industry change, this functional resume is all you need. Blue outlined icons provide a modern feel.

15. Pink Feminine Creative Resume

This eye-catching template is perfect for employees who want to stand out. The bright pink background packs a punch, and the headshot featured center makes this the ideal option for those applying for jobs that are in show business or working in a public-facing position.

16. Web Developer 

Highlight your skills and expertise with this modern, visually compelling template. The template offers the option of including icons to represent hobbies and charts to showcase your skills and expertise. This is ideal for those who work in fields that are particularly visual.

17. Classy Emerald

Stand out from the crowd with this modern, teal resume template. The use of sans-serif font throughout provides a sleek feel while the duo-tone background gives the document a fresh feel. 

18. Black Modern Creative Resume

The contrast created with this black and white design makes a bold impression that’s sure to stand out. The design is simple on the surface, but the left column makes the most of the negative space to make the view more interesting.

19. Best Fashion

This template is ideal for those who have a significant online presence. Links to social media and websites are prominently featured in the headers, and the sleek timeline used provides a super modern look.

20. The Minimalist 

Bright red icons and subheaders help your resume stand out by providing a pop of color. The white space works to provide a look that’s clean and uncluttered. By keeping distracting elements out of the way, your skills and accomplishments are able to shine.

Final resume tips    

  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! Don’t just tell employers that you’re detail-oriented; demonstrate the skill by delivering a mistake-free document.

  • Provide facts and figures to qualify your accomplishments. If you increased the number of sales your company made, provide a figure for what percentage increase you generated.

  • Back up your skills section with your accomplishments. If you say that you have strong leadership skills, show that you received a leadership award because of your skill.

  • Only include relevant information. Resist the urge to pack your resume with information just to fill it up. Showcase your talents and experiences that are relevant to the position for which you’re applying and transferrable skills that you can back up with evidence.

How do you create a unique resume?

  • Use a splash of color to bring your resume to life. Incorporating a border, colored headings, or colored text can help you stand out from the crowd and provide a hit of personality.

  • Use infographics. Display your data in an engaging way by using graphs and charts to show your skill level or interests.

  • Add your own logo. Ensure that your personal brand comes across crystal clear by creating your own logo to feature on your resume or CV and cover letter. Doing so shows potential employers that you’re willing and ready to go above and beyond professionally.

Is there a CV template on Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word offers an array of free CV templates available for download for Microsoft users. Their templates are extremely easy to use and make putting together a CV a snap. After you’ve downloaded the template, it will appear in your template library.

What is the difference between CV and resume?

CVs, or curriculum vitae, are more detailed and show accomplishments more than competencies. You can use a resume to apply for almost any position, but CVs are used for academic jobs such as teaching at a university or working as a researcher. Resumes should only be one page, but because CVs are more in-depth, they are able to be multiple pages in length.

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