13 Powerful LinkedIn Headline Examples That Get Recruiters' Attentions


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Makeda Waterman16
July 18, 2024 at 4:35PM UTC
What is a common mistake LinkedIn user’s make? Writing a generic headline that shares their talent and skills. A good headline is excellent for recruiters who search for employees to invite to job interviews. It is one of the first things people notice while browsing the site.
So what makes a good, eye-catching headline? The competition on LinkedIn can be tough because so many people use the platform with the same goals: to network and find job opportunities. So you'll want to think of a headline as a short one-liner sentence that sums up what you can offer an employer in a way that sets you apart from the rest. It shouldn't take up too much time, as it should be clear and concise but still dangle the bait.
Here is a list of creative ideas to help you to write a headline on your LinkedIn page so recruiters will find and remember you.

The Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can make or break a job seekers chances of finding a new job. It can be the reason a recruiter searching for skilled employees requests you to come in for an interview without sending a resume.
It is a powerful online tool that can say a lot about your character. A profile that is not completed or one that shares no resemblance to what is on a resume can hurt your chances of being selected to be invited to an interview.

Types of LinkedIn Users


According to Statista, about 467 million people used LinkedIn in 2016. It ultimately means the competition is stiff. The best way to help you shine online is to think of three words that best describe your talents or skills. 
For example, an accountant with a headline that states:
1. “Support clients by increasing tax deductions and finance budgeting.”
The three words in this headline that will help the person stand out are "tax," "finance," and "budgeting." Who doesn’t want to work with an accountant that is good at what they do?

Self Employed

Having a hard time getting noticed? You'll need to make the most of your 120 characters, making use of keywords. Keywords are powerful words that people use to find connections on LinkedIn.
If you design clothing for pets, stand out with a headline like:
2. “Self-employed pet clothing designer helping pet owners with trend-setting styles."
It paints a picture of what you can do in a tight sentence.


About 35 percent of the workforce in the United States is made up of freelancers. The gig economy is growing, and it is essential to set yourself apart from professionals in the industry.
Think of your top five talents and creatively write it in one sentence. For example:
3. “Freelance graphic designer with 5+ years of experience helping restaurants design epic designs.” 
Here is an example of a headline to avoid:
“Graphic designer skilled in Adobe Photoshop, adding texture, and completing quick assignments.” This headline is limited because most designers know how to use Adobe with creative skills. It does not set you apart from the profiles of other people in your field.

Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor working with multiple employers in a given year is the reality. The reality is some contractors can find a job within weeks while others wait for months to find the next job. Don’t get bypassed by HR recruiters with a headline that lacks personality. Here are examples of how to promote your best skills:
4. “Independent contractor helping organizations solve problems and increase work productivity.”
5. “Independent admin contractor experienced in the charity sector with high-quality administrative work in fast-paced work environments.”
6. “Independent nursing contractor passionate about helping patients improve their long-term health.”


Internships are perfect for students or newcomers to a country. It’s time to take your headline skills to the next level. Here is how it is done.
7. “Culinary arts intern ready to take on a new challenge to cook delicious food for customers.”
8. “Fashion stylist intern experienced with fashion week and magazine editorials.”
9. “Business analyst intern helping companies forecast financials for Fortune 500 companies.”


Volunteers can range from students to people that are retired. Think of the number of people on LinkedIn that present their volunteering skills. The more specific you are in the headline it can work to your favor. Here are a few examples of using on a LinkedIn profile:
10. “I volunteer in third world countries to help educate children in low-income communities.”
11. “Volunteer professional with a passion for feeding the hungry in my community every day.”
12. “I volunteer in South America helping to clean water in disadvantaged areas.”
13. “Winner of five volunteer awards for running high profile events in the entertainment industry.”
Think of the industry and location in which you want to volunteer. It is better to be honest rather than modest by showcasing awards or accolades in a headline.

What to Do Next

Before you start updating your headline, search for other people in the industry to find fresh examples of what they've used. Do your best to avoid copying the headline of other people on LinkedIn because it can potentially be a competing profile with other users. Without overthinking it, use personality and think in the mind of a recruiter. What do you think they want to see? Review your resume and find a few sentences that best describe what you can offer an employer.
Most importantly, as you continue your career, remember to update it on your journey in life. Every five years our careers can take drastic turns, and it is essential to keep a LinkedIn profile up to date with new work experiences.
The key takeaway: Your professional headline on LinkedIn should let hiring managers know a bit about who you are. Letting them in on your personal brand via your profile summary will help you find better opportunities in your job search and help potential employers know if you would be a good fit.


• What should your LinkedIn headline be?

Your headline should capture who you are professionally while including memorable characteristics and keywords. It should convey your personal brand.

• What is a professional headline?

A professional headline is a concise phrase or sentence that conveys your value to the reader—whether it's a connection, recruiter, or potential employer.

• What is a catchy headline?

The best headlines make full use of the 120 characters available, demonstrating not just your job title but the essence and trajectory of your career. remember, keywords are your friend here.

• What should I write in my LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn profile should do far more than regurgitate your resume. (Check out these tips to help you build a great one.) It should tell your career story, including the how and why in addition to the what.  Focus on career highlights, building connections, and gaining endorsements, as well as crafting a compelling story.

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