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"HR is very unsupportive of maternity leave. Example: Upon returning to work, I received an email from our HR contact stating, "1. Verify you returned to work today. 2 Submit a MD note confirming your ability to return to work. 3. Today is Oct. 7 and the pay-period for the 15th is already closed, so you won't see any pay until Oct. 30." Well, isn't that a lovely tone to come back to! None of this information was communicated beforehand and it was just a mismanaged process throughout. CR Bard is a 100+ year old company and there is still a prevalent "Good Ole' Boys" Club mindset. It is difficult for working women to attain serious leadership roles at this company because I don't truly believe management values or promotes the women in its' workforce."
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"The saying, "people don't leave companies, they leave managers" is accurate here. If you have a female manager who has a family, you'll be much better off than working for a male with a stay-at-home wife who can't comprehend what it means to be a working Mom."
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