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January 1970

Find the right team and you may be OK but do your due diligence. I would urge women to stay away from the GPA team; extremely high turnover rate and dysfunctional work culture.

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    The foundation touts its very generous benefits such as its unlimited leave policy; however, the tradeoff is that there is so much work that is demanded from you, that you can't really take time off. Additionally, there is a high level of expectation that you will be available 24-7. It also has a generous parental leave policy (1 year w/ fully paid salary) which is unheard of in the US; however, I also know 2 women who were laid off in the middle of their leave or immediately after returning to the office. This instills a sense of fear in women who want to use the full parental leave benefit. Both of these 'lay offs' were done on the Global Policy and Advocacy (GPA) team. I would not recommend working on that team for this as well as many other reasons related to equity and inclusion.

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    Promote a culture of openness and transparency where favoritism by leaders and political gamesmanship is not rewarded.

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