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Miss Work
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January 1970

Make sure you have or gain the expertise you need to succeed quickly, and you have a boss who values it. BTW, make sure at the outset the boss/management/culture of your immediate workplace within the company is something you can deal with, because the compensation will never be adequate enough for you to justify working in a less than hospitable workplace.

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None taken
Why does it always come down to maternity leave? There are other reasons having to do with family healthcare and associated critical situations that are requiring more working women of various age groups to take leave--- and too many companies either don't have pro isions for it, won't work to retain talent through it or won't obligate themselves to implement ethical policies or federal state or local laws with regard to paid sick time, ST disability or FMLA. If there is no union to represent you, you are out of luck and out of pocket.
Not for Evaluation and Reviews
So much of employee performance, produ tion and policy decisions are not managed at the higher corporate levels where standsrds and accountability are more seriously paid attention to. Too much of what decides an employee's fate or fortune is punted back to a direct supervisor or unit manager-- and heaven help you if that boss has a personal agenda and is free to micro manage you within their own set of rules.
Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)
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Lady Producer Marketing
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January 1970

Overall my experience at this company has been good. Management is flexible with arrival and departure times and allows working from home when needed.

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8 hours
8 paid / 4 unpaid
I'd recommend this company buy not the current department I'm in.

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