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January 1970

Maternity leave policies depend on your role and the union representing you. Physicians do NOT get paid maternity leave as a rule, but residents are able to use elective time for a limited maternity leave and keep their paycheck (although do need to do some make-up work to compensate for time off, and aren't generally able to take any more than 8 weeks). Attendings do NOT get paid leave, and most need to take FMLA time plus max their vacation in order to get a reasonable leave. Often extended unpaid leave is possible for attendings who aren't relying on their paychecks.

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    Residency is a mess in terms of work/life balance and being present in relationships, regardless of where you are. But for a family medicine residency, CCFP's hours are particularly strenuous and demanding, making work/life balance near impossible. If you plan to have a pregnancy during residency, I recommend looking elsewhere. If you plan to focus on medicine exclusively and want to learn a wide variety of skills, this program is great

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