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January 1970

Minimal opportunity for upward growth in compensation and title. Rich keep getting richer scenario. Only way to move up is to move over into other departments. More men in management positions and women in coordinator roles. Men receive special titles and more pay for doing the same work as a woman in a lower position... i.e. a man in a "specialist" role gets paid more but does the same exact work as a woman in a "coordinator" role. Paid parental leave is a joke although the company owner's daughters (who are also mothers) sit in executive roles. Majority of headquarter roles can be done remotely but work-from-home is highly discouraged. Company does nothing to mentor or develop its young talent. Yearly reviews are a joke and don't provide any constructive feedback on how to improve or how to work to get to the next level... Happy keeping their employees stagnant in their careers. Company does nothing for their employees to keep moral up such as company holiday parties, team building , or promotions. Can't even get a cost of living promotion. They pride themselves on being progressive and innovative with how they produce their shows but the work environment and how they go about managing their workforce is archaic.

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    Improve my compensation

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    Maybe. It is a good stepping stone to start your career. Learn a lot in a short period of time with all that is expected of you. They have high expectations of their employees but don't compensate accordingly. Every person I know that has left the company has gotten a pay increase of $5-10k with same or similar responsibilities in their new roles.

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