Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP

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"As in any law firm, this is a male-dominated work environment, but the firm is making an effort to make this a better situation for women. I think working at a law firm on this level is untenable for a woman who wants a family and wants to spend time with that family. However, I think it is an excellent place to develop a career as a woman, and the firm offers excellent maternity leave and flex time (work at home certain days, with full pay)policies. I took 22 paid weeks maternity leave which included 4 weeks paid vacation time. In general, the firm is aware of the woman problem facing the industry as a whole and is attempting to compensate. It's just a rough job. But women are respected and valued in the workplace."
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"A law firm on this level is inherently not a good place for a woman in the long run, but Milbank is certainly trying. For a law firm on this level, I think that this is certainly as good an environment as you're likely to get."
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