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Lady FutureCEO

January 1970

RSA was a great company, and although it was a male dominated company it was a fun and innovative place to work, and it seemed full of promise. Then EMC acquired them. Imagine a bunch of executives who compare themselves to characters in the movie Goodfellas. They are inappropriate most of the time, and they dare you to take issue with their bad behavior. Their interest in women is limited to the young ones fresh out of college. The ones most likely to party and hit the bars. As for the women who are married, have kids, and/or are older than 40, they can expect their visibility and career to diminish rapidly until they are either laid off or they leave out of frustration. EMC will dazzle you with all their diversity programs and efforts for promoting women in leadership, but the numbers don't lie. Look at their executive pool. Out of 15 business executives only 1 woman, and out of 9 senior executives there is 1 woman. There are no senior female executives at RSA. You can’t promote what you don’t cultivate. EMC and RSA are practiced at investing in and promoting men, and talking a good game when it comes to women. Growth for women over 40 is non-existent. Further life/career balance does not exist, there is no diversity, and they have a very unhealthy corporate culture. This is not an environment for experienced professional women, but if you go to work there it will toughen you up. That’s about the only good thing I can say about it.

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