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#WeAreCisco, where each person is unique, but we bring our talents to work as a team and make a difference.

Yes, we are the worldwide leader in IT, and our technology changes the way the world works, lives, plays and learns, but our edge comes from our people.

  • We connect everything –people, process, data and things –and we use those connections to change our world for the better.
  • We innovate everywhere -From creating a new era of networking that adapts, learns and protects, to building Cisco Services that accelerate businesses and business results. Our technology powers entertainment, retail, healthcare, education and more –from Smart Cities to your everyday devices.
  • We benefit everyone -We strive for a culture that empowers every person to make a difference, at work and in our communities.

Colorful hair? Don’t care. Tattoos? Show off your ink. Like polka dots? That’s cool. Pop culture geek? Many of us are. Be you, with us!

Highlights from Cisco
  • Cisco Jennie Kam

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Cisco

    • Name

      Jennie Kam

    • Position

      Security Researcher Security and Trust Organization

      Austin, TX

    I like to say that I didn’t really choose a career in cybersecurity –it chose me.

    When I first joined Cisco, my experience was making secure embedded systems, not breaking them. I had to drastically change my point-of-view to become an effective vulnerability researcher of Cisco products. I started by learning secure coding best practices and anything unique to Cisco product code. Coming from a developer’s mindset, I also wanted to know how Cisco products worked—the intended product functionality and the underlying implementation. Now in my eighth year at Cisco, I am senior security researcher in the Security & Trust Organization. Utilizing my embedded systems background, I bring a unique perspective to my research team that works to make our products more secure.

    Along my professional journey, my reporting chain has supported my growth. With my manager’s guidance, I have further developed my career by attending trainings and conferences. The Women in Cybersecurity initiative (WiCyS) is my favorite conference each year. As my knowledge in this industry has grown over the years, I’ve started speaking and assisting with workshops at WiCyS to elevate women in cybersecurity across the industry.

    The Time2Give benefit at Cisco allows me to be a frequent volunteer at K-12 STEM education events all over the United States. The lack of interest in privacy and cybersecurity at a young age is something I’m passionate about addressing.

    My advice to anyone, but especially women, who are considering a career in cybersecurity? There are many cybersecurity conferences and networking events available. Find one that welcomes you and actively participate. Keep an open
    mind and take a lot of notes. Ask questions. Network meaningfully. When it comes to conferences, you get out as much as you put in. And when you’ve paved your own path to the cybersecurity field, help others find their way.

  • Cisco Modupe’ R Congleton

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Cisco

    • Name

      Modupe’ R Congleton

    • Position

      Executive Operations Lead for Inclusion and Collaboration for Supply Chain Operations Supply Chain GMO Global Logistics

      Raleigh, NC

    I recently took on a new role after being the Marketing Communications Manager for Cisco’s Global Logistics team. Now, I’ve been asked to join Executive Operations and lead Inclusion and Collaboration for Supply Chain Operations. In my newest Cisco role, I will lead an Inclusion Leadership Teamfor Supply Chain which will coordinate Inclusion and Collaboration work across the Workforce Strategy team, the broader Supply Chain organization including senior staff, and our HR teams in Talent Acquisition, Inclusion & Collaboration, and the global/local HR partners.

    I love reinventing myself. I thrive on finding different ways to bring a sense of “newness” to my day, every day. As you can imagine, doing this can take a lot of energy and requires a lot of dedication, but it’s also been the most fulfilling journey of my life. At Cisco, you control your own destiny. In just one week, I created the best experiences for myself here at Cisco. In just seven days I was a marketing manager, a culture enthusiast, a student, a pioneer, an innovator, a world traveler and a thrill seeker!

    In that week, I had the exciting opportunity to develop creative concepts to launch our new Cisco Routed Services, consult on team development, and launch innovation labs and centers around the world. My background has never been in Supply Chain, and I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s one of the best organizations to work in at Cisco! Also participated in a panel discussion organized by the ConnectedBlack Professionals group at Cisco discussing Black History: Past, Present and Future. True to Cisco’s dynamic company culture, we love learning about each other –what makes us different, and what makes us alike –and how we can take our past experiences and bring them with us to innovate in the future. On this same day I was busy planning an innovation center opening and hosted a Women in Tech Instagram Live on @WeAreCisco.

    Additionally, I sat on a panel with my colleagues from different parts of Cisco and discussed the need for diversity in different areas. It was a true honor to participate in this panel with people from different cultures and to identify new ways for me to connect in the future. Cisco employees are passionate about giving back and this panel was also a great time to both share and learn about the wonderful giving back opportunities going on throughout Cisco.

  • Cisco Faina Segal

    Meet a Fairygodboss at Cisco

    • Name

      Faina Segal

    • Position

      Sales Business Development Manager Global Partner Organization –Ericsson Alliance


    My career in the Global Partner Organization at Cisco has involved working with partners and teams in 180 different countries. I’ve had epic 30 day round-the-world trips and organized a globally broadcasted celebration for International Women’s Day. From climbing the Pyramids of Mexico to sailing through the archipelagos of Stockholm, each day brings new opportunities to learn, explore and give back.

    As a#WomanInTech and #StarWarsFanGirl, there’s nothing better than blasting off from home with a trusty side-kick (or two) and making a career out of galaxy spanningadventures. This is why I work at Cisco, where we work to bring the power of the internet to countries, businesses, schools, and ultimately people, all over the world.

    Growing up in a small agricultural town (similar to Luke Skywalker), I never imagined I would find a career where I could use my polar interests in engineering, internaltional relations and scifi-adventures. However, at Cisco the opportunities to match your unique passions with a fantastic employer are unparalled. In every step of my career, I’ve found support for my unique blend of nerd jokes, tech skills and diplomacy.

    For me, adventure is the secret sauce to a meaningful life and Cisco has all the right ingredients; with opportunities to give back, transform economies and support the development of the next big innovation all in a day’s work –it’s hard not to #LoveWhereYouWork.

Twitter Updates

What Women Should Know about Working At Cisco

Cisco has one of the most diverse executive leadership teams (ELT) and nearly half are women.  We believe that diversity of thought is how we innovate.

Cisco was a leader in advancing fair pay for everyone as one of the 28 founding signers of the White House Equal Pay Pledge.  We created a framework to evaluate the health of our compensation, and where we found gaps (less than 1% of our employee population) we made changes.  We’re also a proud member of the UN’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change, making technology more accessible for young women and encourage them to work in STEM fields.

You can see that corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Cisco isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s just who we are.  And while we can choose however we’d like to spend our five days time off just for giving back, many of our women in tech choose to volunteer in STEM programs.

Women at Cisco also support each other through mentorship and networking.  We have employee resource organizations (EROs) like Women in Science and Engineering and Connected Women and we’re proud of our allies in the ERO called Men for Inclusion –just to name a few.

Gender diversity statistics

    • Gender diversity information
    • Gender diversity starts at the top. Currently, Cisco’s Executive Leadership Team is approaching 50% women. They’re not just women, they’re women from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Even better, Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins chooses his executive leadership from the best – not the best women, just the best talent.

      Please review our gender diversity statistics and initiatives in our annual Corporate Social Responsibility report. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/csr/csr-report.html

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Additional information
    • Women at Cisco can participate in a variety of Employee Resource Organizations (ERO) focused on either women specifically (like our Women in Science and Engineering or Connected Women EROs) and/or to network with other employees with shared interests (such as our Connected Black Professionals ERO or our PRIDE ERO, to name only a few.) Cisco is a firm believer that different perspectives, styles and ideas make us a better place to thrive and innovate. Each year, Cisco has our Women of Impact event, which focuses on leadership, career best practices and empowerment. It’s an opportunity for networking, learning, inspiring and being inspired. 

      Cisco is always finding new ways of ensuring that we attract the best talent, regardless of gender, so we have committed to diverse interview panels, piloted “blind” skills challenges and tested tools that allow us to make sure we’re using gender-inclusive language in job descriptions and emails.

      We offer our leaders training to more easily recognize and neutralize bias. Our model lets individual teams hold their leaders and their co-workers accountable for making bias-free decisions. Beyond that, it provides a structure for any employee to call out bias when he or she sees it, including unconscious bias.

      We’re also continuing to develop the next generation of female leaders for the company. Our DARE program encourages and inspires women who are just starting out in their careers, by focusing on key issues like visibility, internal politics, and positive branding. JUMP brings high-potential, mid-level female participants together to focus on authentic leadership, strategic thinking, and increasing impact.

      Every employee loves the fact that they have five days off per year (and that’s in addition to our normal paid time off) to volunteer for a cause they care about. It could be volunteering at your child’s school, building a house, feeding the hungry, or traveling to another country to meet a child you sponsored since you were 10 years old (yes! That’s a real story from a real employee!) And for those volunteer hours (from the vetted charities list) Cisco will match your time with a monetary donation. If you make a monetary donation, Cisco will match it as well – up to $10K per employee! 

      There’s financial coaching, health and wellness coaching and more. There are mentorship programs and opportunities to become mentors for young women pursuing STEM careers. There’s special parking for expectant moms at offices, there are parking spots for your electric cars, too.

      Cisco is really focusing on each employee’s experience, knowing there’s no one thing that fits every circumstance. That’s one of the best benefits of all.

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • Cisco creates the collaboration technology that changes when, where and how work gets done – and we put this technology and these principals into practice. Work isn’t a place we go, it’s a thing we do. We try to integrate our work and life outside of work for employee wellness and wellbeing.

      Plus, it helps with our goals to be more green and sustainable.

      There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution, for example, some roles by their nature require more time in an office, but others can be based remote full-time. From flex time to part time to sabbaticals to emergency time off, managers work with employees to find the right balance for each situation.

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • The moments that matter the most are the ones you never forget. The more personal they are, the more memorable they become. When you’re having a baby, or another milestone, Cisco wants to support you and your loved ones. Whether you’re a main caregiver, a supporting caregiver, whatever your gender and no matter how you become a family (birth, adoption, surrogacy, becoming grandparents, etc.) we’re here for employees

      A global minimum of 13 weeks paid time off for the main caregiver and 4 weeks for the supporting caregiver, open to any gender. There’s also additional time off for related appointments including surrogacy and adoption like regular checkups, taking time for meetings and paperwork related to surrogacy and adoption, and appointments for fertility treatments.

      There’s also support when you come back to work, through our Employee Assistance Program, to guide employees through anything from post-partum depression or how to plan financially.

      There are other little touches, such as adding a category to our Expense tools, which allows you to be reimbursed for costs associated with delivering breast milk back to your baby while traveling on Cisco business using the breast milk delivery service of your choice. Or, allowing new parents to get extra technology to allow them to work more flexibly from home as they ease back into work life.

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