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Apple Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

Apple offers 15 weeks of paid maternity leave, 9 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, 6 weeks of paid paternity leave and 6 weeks of unpaid paternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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Technology: Manufacturing Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Technology: Manufacturing industry offer?

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Maternity Leaves Taken at Apple

  • Lady FarleyGirl 16 weeks paid 8 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Latinpower 14 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Madam TechUnique 16 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Let'sgetitdone 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Blah Blah 16 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • Yougo Girl 12 weeks paid 2 weeks unpaid
  • anon187 Girl 14 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady doe 16 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady abstract 16 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady khaosfaerie 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady BunnyBunny 0 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon176 18 weeks paid 1 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Cici 6 weeks paid 2 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Maui 18 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
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Apple Maternity Leave Comments

  • "I have been there for 15 years. Once we decided to grow the family, our benefits made it so easy. Especially for being older and getting pregnant was not easy. Apple was flexible and benefits made it possible to actually do something I would not have been able to do on my own. Once I returned from maternity leave I was able to attain a work from home position. More recently I am back on campus working in a different role, but once again find myself wanting to work from home. My leadership team is seeing solutions to help this happen for me. I live about an hour from work so the drive has since taken its toll. My performance and reputation I'm certain have helped make this possible." - Lady FarleyGirl
  • "There is great support for women here. This excellent environment is built around mutual respect and what I'd call "gender-agnosticism": people deal with each other simply as people, for the most part, not "men" or "women." As long as you're doing your job, it doesn't matter who or what you are. Don't be timid or scared. Speak your mind (politely and respectfully). Ask questions; don't be afraid of looking stupid. If you're hired, that means they think you've got the stuff; they won't hold a "stupid" question against you. Go ahead and blaze trails; come up with your own ideas and get them in front of your managers. However, don't expect all your ideas to win. Sometimes you have to turn around, drop your great idea, and come up with a new one. My department is very supportive of maternity leave. They've been known to allow moms to extend their leave beyond 16 weeks (although you only get paid for the 16, so extra time is on your dime)." - Lady Blah Blah
  • "I've mostly interacted with highly professional, extremely smart individuals at this company, and I've never experienced overt sexism. That said, like most tech companies it has a pretty high male to female ratio, so it's easy to feel outnumbered. The senior leadership seems committed to recruiting more women though. We also had two women present at WWDC this year, which I believe is a first. So that's a step in the right direction. I had no issues with my maternity leave. My team was supportive when I left and when I returned. There are a lot of people with kids here, so everyone is very understanding about needing time off for doctors visits, school functions, etc." - Lady doe
  • "There are not many women in engineering here and very few in engineering management roles. In software development long hours and weekend work is required and assumed. There is little opportunity to work from home when needed. As for maternity leave, it is only "Paid" if you take sick days and vacation days to supplement disability. Don't confuse this for other tech companies that actually keep paying you salary during maternity leave." - Lady BunnyBunny
  • "I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of women hired by Apple, as well as the number of women in supervisory/creative/managerial roles. The company strives to a give their employees a good work/life balance with generous maternity leave (for both men and women), paid family leave, flexible schedules Kin care, and many, many other family friendly practices. The environment is very inclusive and supportive, with no gender bias (or any other bias, for that matter)." - Lady Techno Goddess
  • "Working here is pretty fantastic. We make the best products, have some of the smartest, most driven and caring teams around, and our benefits are first rate. That said, the tech industry as a whole is pretty male dominated. There aren't a lot of females around for you to mentor or for you to try and identify a path to success with. Things like moving from an entry-level position to a mid level leader can be really tough, because there are so few women acting as mid or lower level leaders. I sometimes think they might not "see" you as an option to promote. The only other difficult part of the limited number of females, is the lack of females starting families. Most women are college aged themselves or have school age children. When I had questions on what pregnancy at work looked like or how maternity leave worked, I had to refer to HR and was unable to ask my peers. It wasn't the worst thing, and is hardly a knock on the company, but it can make it interesting for someone who is trying to find resources from friends. If you do start a family while at Apple though ...the maternity leave is great. I was on leave for four paid months bonding with my little one!" - Lady Maui
  • "5" - Anonymous
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