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We crowdsource Oracle Corporation's maternity, paternity and parental leave policies, based on Oracle Corporation's employee reviews and anonymous tips from Oracle Corporation employees.

Oracle Corporation Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

Oracle Corporation offers 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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Technology: Software Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Technology: Software industry offer?

  • Median Average
  • 12 10
  • 6 8
  • 6 8
  • 6 6

Maternity Leaves Taken at Oracle Corporation

  • Gemini Girl 8 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Madam PDM 0 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon278 6 weeks paid 1 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon279 12 weeks paid 3 weeks unpaid
  • Madam Blueclaw 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon269 6 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • Lady jackieswenson 0 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady alib211 6 weeks paid 10 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Momboss 8 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Willow 8 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon266 8 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Red 6 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Digital Engagement 16 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • anon2961 24 weeks paid weeks unpaid
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Oracle Corporation Maternity Leave Comments

  • "I've been here for a long time and they offer good flex hours. However, because it's so global there are many required hours "after-hours" which is difficult. In my department women are advanced based on ability but upper management is still lacking. Maternity leave is ok and I don't think anyone is judged for taking full leave." - Lady alib211
  • "Salary increases and bonuses occur on a very rare basis, even with increasing revenues and profits. This is true even when performing in the top tier (as rated by management). Any maternity leave beyond 12 weeks is unpaid." - Lady Red
  • "2 months full pay; 2 months short-term leave." - anon2961
  • "I had complications, hence had to fight with HR for my medical as well as maternity leaves. No work from home option available." - beautynbrain
  • "Part-time jobs were offered in the past." - Anonymous
  • "Full-time telecommute job opportunities are available with Oracle for qualified candidates." - Anonymous
  • "freelance and contract work" - Anonymous

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