Have things gotten better, worse, or stayed the same for women at Oracle Corporation in the past year?


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August 2018

No improved maternity leave - especially for workers outside of CA - 6 weeks paid via the hartford short term disability, 6 weeks unpaid with FMLA. Have to go back to work at exactly 12 weeks from when they said maternity started, so that one has to go back to work before the baby is 3 months old (daycares will only take the baby at 3 months - putting parents in a difficult situation). They counted the start of my maternity leave the day I went into the hospital (a weekend) - instead of the Monday of my first actual missed day of work (I only work Mon-Fri), so I lost 2 days of my 12 weeks to a weekend I wouldn't have worked anyway. There's no paid maternity at all if one has to adopt (a real slap in the face for moms who've already gone through fertility treatment).

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