Chrissy Teigen Has a Hilarious Explanation For Why She’s Not Breastfeeding

Chrissy Teigen

@johnlegend / Instagram

AnnaMarie Houlis
AnnaMarie Houlis
May 25, 2024 at 9:5PM UTC
Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to come up with the perfect response to mom shamers. The mother of two, talented model and home chef (and cookbook author!) never shys away from telling it like it is. She's shared photos of her "mom bod" despite not feeling so confident with herself, and has responded to tweets about why she didn't take her husband, John Legend's, last name. She's even opened up about the postpartum period on social media.
And she's at it again: Teigen has delivered the perfect response to an Instagram user who questioned why she's not breastfeeding.
John Legend posted a photo of his wife bottle-feeding their son, Miles, on November 6. He captioned the photo: "Wild scene backstage at @nbcthevoice." And Instagram users promptly shared their opinions.
One user, in particular, commented: "You no longer breastfeed?," to which Teigen responded, "John never breastfed Miles."
Mic drop.
Photo via Instagram
Photo via Instagram
The question got the conversation rolling on Legend's post. Other Instagram commenters chimed in to support Teigen.
"Maybe Chrissy wanted a drink.. and was sensible enough to pump prior to said drink OR MAYBE SHE DECIDED TO STOP BREASTFEEDING AND ITS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS not your boobs not your problem hun," one user wrote.
Another shared: "You do realize many woman pump their breastmilk and feed their babies breast milk via bottle? Also, I love how some people think something so personal as breastfeeding is any of their business."
And another wrote: "All I see is a proud papa sharing his family, a mom feeding her son and a grandma doing what they do best ❤️ there's a lot of love in this pic."
This isn't the first time Teigen has been shamed for her nursing decisions. In July, when Teigen shared a photo nursing Miles (and Luna's baby doll), one Twitter user wrote: “Christ in a hand basket. Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn’t mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it." 
Of course, Teigen had a witty reply.

"I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, Coachella selfies or infinity pool pics but i let people live. calm your tits and scroll on by,” Teigen tweeted in response.

And in response to another tweet that has since been deleted, Teigen wrote: "Nah. Just chillin. Posting daily life like I do with anything else. Cooking, playing with dogs, etc. You make feeding a baby big deal because you got weird titty issues.”

Here's to hoping Teigen's social media habits (or clap backs) don't cease anytime soon.
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