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Indeed: The Best Way to Use the Job Search Site
Kristina Udice

If you’re a job seeker looking for a new job or career, you’ve probably heard of the popular job search engine Indeed. It’s one of the largest job search sites in the world, after all. Like Fairygodboss, this easy-to-navigate platform works by connecting prospective employees with companies and positions in a wide range of fields and industries across the globe. It’s helped connect millions of employees with employers, taking the confusion and stress out of searching for jobs. The application process is hard enough as it is — finding an open job title shouldn’t be.

Founded in 2004, Indeed’s number one objective has been putting people to work — whatever and wherever that work may be. Whether you want to drive with Uber, get into customer service, or rise to the level of company executive, you can find the job title for you with this job search app and website.

Instead of combing through job listings on an array of different sites and platforms, Indeed job postings are aggregated from hundreds of job posting sites across the world. Employers can also post jobs directly onto Indeed for future employees to find through their specified searches. Not sure where you want to work or what you want to do? Search for skills or search by location the find the posting you’ve been dreaming about.

Indeed is the biggest search engine for job postings, and it’s easily accessible on the web and on your mobile device. You can also opt in for daily emails that give you updates on new job postings in your recommended fields.

Another interesting feature is the option to upload your resume so that employers can find you — talk about taking the stress out of job searching. Employers and recruiters use Indeed too, and uploading your resume gives them easy access to your experience and skillset.

Indeed gives job seekers extreme freedom when performing job searches. They can search using any keywords, in cities all across the world. Sign up for notifications and get updates daily so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking back in. And after a few searches, Indeed will start sending recommended postings that might be slightly out of the pool you were originally looking for — but the site thinks fits for your personal brand and skill set.

Employers also have the ability to post jobs easily and efficiently, making it easy for prospective employees to apply directly through the site. And there are plenty of options for questions that employers can include in an application. It can be a basic cover letter and resume format, or they can include specialized questions for job seekers to answer to get a thorough and well-rounded application.

Indeed, like Fairygodboss, also offers company reviews and ratings. Individuals can grade companies using a 5-star scale. Indeed also offers salary satisfaction ratings and statistics, photos from the company, and a Q&A section where people can ask and answer questions about the company itself.

Indeed makes the job application process a painless one. And once you’ve found a position or company, you can cross reference employee reviews using Fairygodboss to ensure the company and atmosphere is a fit for you.

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