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Apologize to my Managers or Move on?
I've been asking for help at work with clients from my team lead and I am frequently told by the lead that the lead is not available. I originally did not plan to discuss this with my supervisor (higher up than my lead) due my supervisor's harsh management style and unsuccessful attempts at finding solutions. Also, my supervisor promoted those with similar interests so I knew she was biased. My supervisor's manager brought my supervisor into the meeting, even though I said I was uncomfortable and intimidated of my supervisor. Both higher ups defended my lead and the temper got the best of me. I ultimately told both higher ups that I would be transferring to another department. This has been a problem at where I work: management piles on responsibilities to employees, with no compensation for these extra responsibilities, so there is a high turn over rate at my work. Should I apologize, or just look for work somewhere else? Many positions in my place or work that are open require masters degrees and I have a bachelors. I really feel bullied by my supervisor. This supervisor has a reputation of being harsh, blunt, and making employee's lives miserable if they attempt to challenge the supervisor in any way. I apologize for the wordiness but I want to remain private. I would go to HR, but I am afraid HR is involved in this workplace's politics. COVID-19 has me afraid for trying to find employment, but I honestly do not feel like apologizing to someone who actively is trying to get rid of me because I am standing up for what's right. Please be gentle with your responses ladies, I am admitting fault in this, I'd appreciate it. Thank you

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