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Pregnant and furloughed
I need some advice on how to handle telling potential employers I’m pregnant. I’m an architect and I got furloughed in July due to covid19. I’ve had multiple interviews ( one last week ) and everything always seems fine, until I have to tell them about my condition. I am due in 3 weeks, which puts my potential work start date sometimes in March. This is my first child and I’m not sure how everything will go- all of my friends and family tell me that I will need those 12 weeks of maternity leave. I am very discouraged, because with my resume and portfolio it is very easy for me to get an interview, but it is very difficult to handle the potential employers saying they need someone immediately, which happened at my last week’s interview. I haven’t even heard back after my thank you note- I’ve felt I had to tell them right away, even though in the application I wrote that I can start in March but they somehow missed that. Earlier in pregnancy when I could start immediately and work 3 month before the leave, one excuse was that they need someone on the project continuously. With another potential employer, I’ve had 4 interviews in the course of 2 month, until the projects they were planning to get were put on hold, so the hiring was put on hold as well. I understand it is illegal to discriminate against expecting mothers, but it is also very hard to prove discrimination. And I honestly do believe that the firms I’ve interviewed with really needed people when they were saying. I understand how architecture industry works and how hiring works. I am a hard working person and I’m not used to just sitting around, but at this point I feel I just need to give up until the baby is born and wait until February until I start interviewing again. Even then, I feel I would have to explain the noticeable gap of non work and disclose that I was pregnant and on leave, which makes me wonder if that would be detrimental because architecture industry is notorious for long hours, and if the potential employer knows I have a small baby at home, I feel they would be more likely to offer a job to someone else. Any advice on how to navigate this situation would be greatly appreciated!

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