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Too many jobs!
Let me start by saying, I know I'm lucky to have this problem. I was let go from my job recently, and with no new prospects, I signed up for a few consulting opportunities. they are going well, and I am enjoying the work. A couple of them have the potential to turn into a full-time opportunity. One of them I have told I will work for them through the beginning of next year. The other one told me they will look at their budget in the first quarter and consider moving me to full time if they can, but no guarantee. Another asked me to put something on my calendar for Feb, so they obviously want to keep working with me for a while. Here's my problem - I've been asked to interview for a full-time dream job at a dream company. With a great salary, benefits, the works. They would probably want me to start no later than the first of the year. Now, it's no given that I'll actually get the job. It's just an interview. But if I was offered the job, I'd be at a crossroads. Choose the full-time job with security, a great title, work I'm familiar with, a clear career trajectory, etc. But burn some newly built bridges with a couple of really great companies who have put their trust in me. Or choose to stay independent, with no guaranteed job prospects past the winter - only a hope. Continue consulting - which is interesting work but stresses me out with the uneven hours and uncertainty, no benefits, working on my own, etc. I wouldn't be burning any bridges, but I'd be giving up the chance to significantly move my career forward and get a job with security. Advice? If it helps, I am not new in my career. I am mid-senior to senior level and that is the position I would be interviewing for. Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom!
User deleted comment on 11/13/20 at 2:17PM UTC

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