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Need motivation
Many things are on my mind. I think am perfect in doing everything, then why do I still long for people attention. Particular the kids, spouse, parents or in-laws really are quiet independent and they dont need anyone with them. Though staying up active 5am to 10pm, and doing 50% of chores(ie 5 hours a day at home ) then rest of time for myself including my reading, writing, meetings for the project i work part time. Wondering when will I get a full time job, so i can outsoure that 50% of chores to a care taker at home. As the project I work is stop gap and dont pay much for me running my family. That is fully taken care of by my savings and spouse is full incharge of budgets at home. I used to be a very big income generator for 20 years for my family and because of office politics I had to cite the growing kids are reason to quit that environment. But looking back, it is better to get adjusted to politics than doing chores at home. At 47 years who needs me any way back in office though money is not what I long for now. As discussed in the posts here and anywhere else also the reality is people judge if you ask the network for jobs. Actually the job portals are fake. More you give to society the more it seeks. I am drained also with online support given to my community. Good with pandemic we dont have to face people and can work on your own pace at home. I have very good project organization skills in software product development. But that seem to be more of people skill. Can one sell such skill without domain expertize ?. Any one motivated do share. Thank you.
1 Comment
1 Comment

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