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Tactful Way to Negotiate During Performance Review
My annual review is coming up next month, and last year I took on half a job extra but my raise didn't reflect the additional responsibility. When I attempted to point out to my supervisor the extra responsibility I took on he acted confused, like nothing had changed with my job and said I was maxed out in the salary band for my position. He said the only way to obtain a bigger raise was to expand my job. This confused me because my job had already expanded, and literally I didn't have time to take on more duties without neglecting the position they hired me for, which I explained to him. I thanked him for the generous increase and ended the review meeting. I figured there was no point in discussing further as he didn't have a plan of how to expand my role without creating an unreasonable workload. With the pandemic, the extra duties I took on resulted in working lots of overtime and neglecting some of my core duties due to time constraints. I communicated this to my supervisor, but he had no solutions or help as we all were struggling to tread water. What is the best way to try to open up a dialogue this year about expanding duties and trying to obtain a salary that is more closely in line with the responsibility of what my position had become? Or to ask to change my role to one where I'm not maxed out on the salary band and workload? I don't mind having a full day of work, but I'm tired of working overtime and still not completing all the duties of my role.
User deleted comment on 11/05/20 at 9:06PM UTC

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