Do my coworkers and department head have a solid reason to demonize me? | Fairygodboss
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Do my coworkers and department head have a solid reason to demonize me?
I’ve been looking for a new job since August 2020. I’ve finally landed on a position that would be a great fit financially and professionally and am expecting an offer next week. Unfortunately, my boss just put in his notice today. With him gone and me leaving, that will leave one, very capable and seasoned professional, to handle everything on one leg of my department. To add to this, I was also asked by another coworker on the other side of our department to cover her maternity leave starting next week. We do completely different jobs but because I am the only other person at the support level on this team, I was asked to help. We had this conversation a few months ago and I told her I was looking for other employment so she should ask HR to have a backup plan in case I for some reason became unavailable, but this was not done. This coworker supports our department head so if I am offered an opportunity to leave, I will be leaving two legs of my team with no support and another support person from a different team will need to step in. I have not been treated well financially by this company because the department head likes to “lag behind the rest of the company” and “run a lean team”. Unfortunately this has left me doing the jobs of many with the salary of one. When I asked for a raise in the summer I was told they would think about it, but nothing has come of it. I am afraid that if i’m able to leave, my current team will paint me as a demon for taking an opportunity that they will not provide for me, just because it is unfortunate timing. What can I say to my team to let them know I in no way want them to suffer from unfortunately timing, but have to do this for my financial well being and my continued professional growth?
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