Hello everyone, I need some help with either how to deal with my situation or work on improving it. | Fairygodboss
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Benazir Nasimova
MBA Graduate in Minnesota
Hello everyone, I need some help with either how to deal with my situation or work on improving it.
I’m a property manager for a very expensive development. I started with the company since they started the project and have exceeded all the target goals for sales, budget, and NOI. Two previous years, I have reduced the budget by 10% and increased NOI by 6%. We have been working with a two-person team, myself as a manager and a leasing coordinator, plus a maintenance tech who is considered part of a different department. My boss is in a different state and only talks to me when she needs something or we have an issue. In March of 2020, my coordinator went on maternity leave and my boss did not provide any support during her maternity leave. I have been asking what the plan was the entire time she was pregnant only to be told that we would figure out when the time came. When she left on maternity leave, COVID hit, and I was left alone to manage the property, clean the property, and do some other duties that were not mine to do but I did them in order to keep things organized and maintained. From March through June, I worked overtime and did not receive any overtime pay or even ask for it since I am salaried. During my review in August, I told my boss I was burned out because she mentioned that I do not seem as engaged as I was before. I was surprised because one, she is not around to see it, and two it was a slow season. She said it was partially my fault because I did not ask for assistance or help, although I have. At some point, I got tired of asking because she kept putting it off. In December, I received verbal disciplinary action because I seem to show the attitude of being better than everyone, not taking people’s suggestions, and not being engaged, and dropping the ball on social media. She referenced that I post on my own social media and do not post anything on our properties, but our sales and NOI were exceeding numbers. She said that people are saying that I disengaged again and asked if I’m even interested in working for the company anymore. Last week, she said a similar thing. Said I’m disengaged, not getting things done, and that she’ll need to start micromanaging me. I’m blown away to be honest because we are still exceeding all of our goals, we are a month ahead on our sales numbers. She asked me again if I even want to work for the company or if I need help finding a new job. I’ve been staying late at work and skipping lunches to get all the projects done. She said that I shouldn’t have taken a day off without permission (although I had asked for Friday off four months ago due to getting married) because our building is opening up and I needed to make sure everyone was present. Micromanaging is the worst I have ever experienced in my life! She texts asking what I am doing every 30 minutes and has me send her everything that I did during the day. She asks to send pictures of the items that I have completed as proof of competition. I am 6 months pregnant and do not have the ability to leave the position. Please help me on how to make this situation better! I am in tears at work and it’s just not pleasant being here at all, even though she’s in a completely different state.

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