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Need honest, unfiltered career advice.
Hi everyone! I need career advice. For background, I work at a PR agency and have been internally promoted nearly every year because I am a high performer, hard worker and quick study. I have been with my current employer for six years. Recently, I was heavily recruited by an ex-client and strongly considered to the point where I discussed leaving with our executive team. I decided to stay and was shortly thereafter rewarded with a promotion to SVP. I am now a member of our executive team in my early 30s, which is INCREDIBLE! Shortly after this experience, I was heavily recruited by one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world (my entire career thus far has focused on technology PR with a specific focus on cloud computing). I decided to pursue the interview process, despite what I just went through with my current employer, because this is a role tech PR pros careers can be MADE from. If you work at this org, you pretty much secure your spot at any company thereafter. Yesterday, I received the offer letter! The salary isn't much more than I make today, and I just found out I'm pregnant with baby #2. I have until after the holiday break to respond to the offer letter, but I'm absolutely conflicted. Do I stay in my current role because I was just promoted and recently found out I was pregnant? OR, do I take the new role that was offered to me at one of the biggest companies in the world and a KILLER spot for a tech PR pro, knowing in about 8 months I'll have to go on maternity leave, my RSUs won't vest during that time, and the potential for a promotion the next year at this org may be off the table given I'd have to take early maternity leave. I'm in a fantastic spot in my current company, love my clients and my colleagues are supportive and amazing. This new company would be a big new challenge, likely more stressful, but something I truly couldn't have dreamed up to happen for me. I need some FairyGodBosses to weigh in and give me some real feedback? What are your thoughts on career route?
User deleted comment on 12/28/20 at 3:41AM UTC

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