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Good morning!
I have ended a one-year contract with my employer, which is a small nonprofit organization (less than five employees), but have volunteered to stay on for one particular program fir a few months to support and mentor the person who will be in charge of my responsibilities as well as my supervisors who is leaving the organization in a few weeks (she informed us of her upcoming departure a few weeks ago). It was a HUGE surprise to all, including the Board of Directors. I posted before that my supervisor asked me to complete a multi-year program evaluation (reflecting the time she’s lead the organization). A program evaluation is nowhere in my job description, but it is in hers, she just hasn’t done it while she’s been on board. Per the advice received from many of you (thank you!), I went ahead and did some of the work but did not complete the evaluation because 1) A lot of the data needed is missing (poor data management), 2) l I had four other major projects (including my performance review) I was asked me to complete prior to my departure and 3) my supervisor was MIA for about 2 weeks. Prior to the evaluation assignment, I had paced and organized myself to complete multiple projects on time. When she added the evaluation it was very very hectic (this is part of the reason why I’m leaving, last minute unreasonable requests ...burnout). I’d like to contact the board members to thank them for the opportunity they gave me and to share the reports I completed so they have an idea of the various roles we undertook, the programming we implemented in response to the pandemic/unique challenges, and provide an overview of the clients we supported this year. Part of me wants to do this Because I’m very proud of the work I’ve completed (more than what’s under my job description and certainly more than my part-time status), The mentoring I’ve provided, skills I’ve learned and overall adaptability considering the pandemic. Another part of me also wants to share this with them because I have a sense that my supervisor is going to take credit for the projects I completed. It’s a tough situation because I’ve known my supervisor personally for many years but at the same time I recognize that she hasn’t fully done her job in the time she’s been with the organization, forced some of her responsibilities on me last minute and may claim credit. I’ve also found it odd that as small as an organization as we are, me and the other employee have not had any communication, even an introduction as a new employee, with the board. Please advise. Thank you!

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