Considering a career transition - seeking to learn what day-to-day life is for folks working in different jobs/sectors than me! | Fairygodboss
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Considering a career transition - seeking to learn what day-to-day life is for folks working in different jobs/sectors than me!
I am 10 years into my career as a researcher/evaluator in university and non-profit spaces in international development. The large ethical and moral quandries of international development are really affecting how I think about next steps in my career (eg Should there be a place for "experts" coming from Western countries? Does my existence remove resources that could go to national staffing? Does "development" actually do more good than harm given the deeply colonial roots and power structures of the sectors?). As such, I am interested to learn what other jobs are like from really different sectors and explore ways to apply my skills outside this current line of work. Following the mantra, you can't dream it if you don't know about, I am feeling a bit lost in exploring new career paths as I've only experienced these really specific professional spaces thus far. Two questions for this wonderful community: 1) Would anyone be willing to talk to me about their job, whatever it is? I would be so appreciative to set up some 30-45 minute calls to learn: What do you do? What is exciting/interesting? What are day-to-day challenges and frustrations? What are the pathway(s) to doing that type of work? 2) Could anyone share insights as to jobs outside of non-profit/university-led research where my skill set would be valued and I'd have a shot at getting a job without prior experience in that sector? I have strong skill sets in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis and communication, synthesis of information, project management, personnel and contract management, and writing/presenting skills. Thanks very much for any insights or potential conversations/connections.

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