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Nor Theresa P. Galang
Jack of many trades, almost a master of one
I miss working a real job
After quitting my last job in February, it's been difficult to find work. I got a great job offer right after I quit that job, but the offer was rescinded due to COVID-19. I was found illegible for unemployment benefits during this time. In order to have money to pay bills, I started working my food delivery gigs again back in late May. I've been doing that for money ever since. Lately, I find it hard to get out of the house and work. I guess it's because I'm just not passionate about delivering food and I hate how much I've had to spend on car repairs because it's taking a toll on my car. It pays well, but I miss having a stable paycheck. I still have one more year until I can get back in school and finish up with my Master's, so until then, I'd like to work as much as possible. The only thing motivating me to work these delivery gigs is having money for bills and expenses. That's about it. Like I said before, I'm not passionate about it. I wish I had a stable job again. I love the flexibility of food deliveries and I would love to have a job with that flexibility. Ideally, I'd want a work from home job right now. That way, I can still manage to get things done around the house. With my last job, my laundry would pile up so much and I would feel so disorganized around the house. I like being able to do my laundry more frequently. Another benefit is that I would be close to home in case my 74-year-old mom needs me. With my last job, I would have to take days off to help my mom. That's where the food delivery gigs are helpful as well. I really wish I could find a good job again. Either that or I wish that I could make money doing something I'm passionate about.

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