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Should I apply one more time?
There's a company close to my home which has posted very similar jobs all the way back to August. The responsibilities are almost exactly the same with the exception being at one point it looked like they were looking for two roles, one being more senior. I can understand if they don't think I'm qualified for the more senior role but the other one is very much in line with what I've done in the past but with enough extra that it would be an interesting stretch. I've applied every time I've seen the post and not one peep from them, not even a rejection. The role is posted again with "HTML5/CSS3 experience preferred", I have experience with HTML/CSS but I think I can easily learn enough of the other. The rest of the description is totally design, not coding. I've thought about going over and leaving my resume but Covid, it's unlikely anyone is in the office, and honestly my ego is a little bruised, I'm wondering if I should accept that they don't want me but then I remember how you're supposed to go for these roles even when you don't have all the qualifications, that's what men do, blah blah blah. I also feel like they've posted this job so many times for such a long period of time, how serious are they about filling the role? I don't want to fight hard and then walk into a dysfunctional environment. I really want to be strong but I'm not finding it within. Any advice is appreciated.

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