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Boss interrupted and yelled at me
Hi all - I need to vent. I am still upset about a staff mtg my company had this week. My boss gave a report about Committee A. She asked about other Committee reports. I began giving a report on Committee B when she interrupted me and yelled "Did you hear what I just said?" I replied "yes. I am just giving my report. Committee B doesn't kn ow what's happening with Committee A. I am simply updating you on where Committee B is at." I was so shaken by the interruption and the fact that she didn't connect I was giving an update. It's upsetting to think she couldn't see that - yes, our committee updates were counter to each other because those committees don't know yet where the other stands. Then I had to defend another decision i made that both the CEO and VP criticized me publicly about. I was asked a bunch of questions on what committees are doing and such and when i said I would pull up the info they said they didn't want to wait - meanwhile we all waited when the VP stopped the meeting to pull up her reports. I feel like there are things I can do to be better prepared but i also feel hurt and attacked by the manner which she (they) did it. Just looking for a little support, commiseration - need to vent and I appreciate this community for the support and advice:
User deleted comment on 01/02/21 at 8:31PM UTC
User deleted comment on 01/02/21 at 8:31PM UTC

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