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Chitalu Ruth Nakaonga
Social worker in SA
What getting a job has taught me!!
I have an article about why I feel job hunting is a waste of time. If you have not read it, I recommend you read it in order to link it to this post. As you know, (from having read the above mentioned article), my search for a job has not been easy (And I don't think it ever is). I was never constant in applying for jobs because many times I did not get feedback and other times I was rejected. This process was physically and mentally draining. One day, just like any other mundane day, I was in the kitchen preparing food for my family. It was after I was done cooking that I realized I had left my cell phone in the bedroom (This was odd because I took my cellphone with me everywhere-literally). I quickly went to fetch it and when I looked down at it, I saw several missed calls. I wondered who was calling me with such determination when I rarely got calls. When I looked, I realized it was a varsity acquittance who I had kept in contact with. I couldn't call her back, but I realized she had left me a voice note on WhatsApp. As I listened to that voice note, it dawned on me the secret to progressing in life! CONNECTIONS! That's it! My acquaintance was sharing with me an opportunity that had not been available to the public. I followed the instructions she had given me and the next day I reported for work. You see, getting a job has taught me that we cannot and shouldn't be islands. As a Christian, I do believe entirely that God had used my acquaintance as a tool for me to get the job I have today. How I got this job felt entirely like a miracle. I dropped my resume at the offices on a Monday, got a call on the same Monday and was told to report to work on the next day (Tuesday). And I have been working ever since. Getting this job taught me the power of faith, fasting, prayer and keeping/creating connections in all settings! What have you gotten in life with the above formula? (Faith, Fasting, Praying and Keeping/Creating connections).

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